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  1. Thank you for the immediate responses. @Noel I did but still had issues with it though I have figured it out already. Sorry, apparently the actual issue in the code was not included in my snippet. Hi @rich, No, there's no overlay after closing the ad so I thought everything looked like it was still normal. Anyway I have figured it out after looking through the github issues and reading about someone stating the pointerdown function is queued for next update or something like that. The issue was that in my code that shows the ad, the function was put inside a text gameobject's pointerdown function. After that, it looks like the input is blocked totally. I'm not sure if it's something that needs attention with Phaser itself but the fix is actually simpler than I thought. For anyone else with this problem : showing Facebook Ads should be put on the pointerup event. I hope it helps.
  2. Hi, I've been using Phaser 3 (3.11.0) and although I've got FB ads to work already, it looks like after playing an ad the scene becomes unresponsive ('pointerdown' listeners stop working from what I can tell). The Phaser systems look to be running though since I have this console for debug that gets cleared up over time. I'm wondering if anyone else encountered this and has a solution for it or knows what I'm doing wrong/missing anything? The ad fetching and showing code is same as whats in the FB instant documentation. I though it has something to do with the scene not being on top of the window or something so I've tried bringing the scene in front and even restarting the scene but it's also not working. Fetch Code: this.preloadedInterstitial = null; FBInstant.getInterstitialAdAsync( this.INTERSTITIAL_PLACEMENT_ID, // Variable set in scene ).then((interstitial) => { DebugConsole.instance.append("LOADING INTERSTITIAL"); // Load the Ad asynchronously this.preloadedInterstitial = interstitial; return this.preloadedInterstitial.loadAsync(); }).then(function() { DebugConsole.instance.append("INTERSTITIAL LOADED"); }).catch(function(err){ DebugConsole.instance.append("INTERSTITIAL FAILED TO LOAD " + err); }); Show Code: this.preloadedInterstitial.showAsync() .then(() => { // Perform post-ad success operation DebugConsole.instance.append("SHOWN VID"); }).catch((e) => { DebugConsole.instance.append("SHOW VID ERR" + e); }).finally(() => { DebugConsole.instance.append("FINALLY WORKS"); }); });