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  1. Hi, I am making a game that requires the pointerover event, but on mobile devices its not working, I have tried touchMove but its behavior is really weird on the browsers and seems like there's a bug in the library, can anyone provide a second thought on this? Thank you.
  2. Hi, Hope you all are doing great. I am a game programmer with experience in Unity3D development and now I am moving to pixi js to work on a project. So, How do I setup the project efficiently? As my previous experience is in C#, I want to make games in pixi the Object Oriented way. What I've found in tutorials on the internet, people just declare the scripts in the index.html page and begin working. Is there a way, in which there is one single class as an entry point, lets say main.js which processes everything in the game? How do I code the game Object Oriented way? An example that uses OO with pixi will be really great, As I just need an entry point to setup the project.