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  1. Hi @Noel App ID is 199510794066778 Thank you
  2. Hi, My game has a D1 retention of 15%. I have noticed that about 90% of my users are from one European country and this is measured over 300k+ users it has got so far. What could the reason be for this? It's not even localised to that country's language. Could it be that it is getting featured only in that country or it had very good social sharing in that country? Thanks
  3. With easily over 50% of the market share of Facebook games now being held by "app-style" games like OMG, LOL, BAM, etc what do you guys think / know is the direction of Facebook instant games? These games are NOT games in the traditional sense we know. These games seem to be built as web apps and are driven mostly by UI like buttons, text boxes and images. I doubt they even use game engines. Their sudden arrival was a bit of surprise but from the market share they've taken, they seem to have delivered the KPIs Facebook required. They probably have great social KPIs. It doesn't seem like F
  4. Did you end up registering a company or did individual verification support finally arrive @o0Corps0o ?
  5. My game has 11% D1 retention without bots. I believe more is possible.
  6. So until then we have to stay unverified? I have a game that will soon be pulled out of discoverability because my business review failed. And the game is going to lose its privileges because I tried to apply for a business verification in the first place. 😓 How did you contact them? I wish I can ask them to do my individual verification before they pull out my game from visibility.
  7. Hi @Noel The pain point here is that: 1. In some countries it is perfectly fine to earn money via game development as an individual developer without a business registration. Business registrations (at least where I live) are done for partnerships, limited liability or generally after income exceeds a certain high threshold. Tax can be otherwise paid through an individual tax ID. 2. FB business manager seems to be tailored only for registered "businesses". I still tried filling it up to best reflect that I am working in individual capacity and supplied my individual tax documen
  8. I created test users to test my game and subsequently there were entries made for them in the global leaderboard. However I started noticing that these players start appearing in the score boards of real users as well. I deleted the test users to see if that would help, but the leader board entries for them still exist. I tried using the Facebook graph API to check if I can delete entries for test users, but I get this error when I try to: "message": "(#3410) Cannot find the player", I tried the same with a real user (myself) and the deletion works. It looks like either gra
  9. Hi @Noel "In the coming weeks, we will offer an individual verification process where registered developers can submit their apps for review from their app dashboard." So it's not available at the moment, right? Do you know of an ETA for this? Thanks
  10. I submitted my messenger bot for verification but in the following business verification step, I am being asked for details of my "business". I am an individual developer and don't have several of those required details like registration ID. I also read that business verification is going to become compulsory for even releasing games going forward. 1. Are individual developers allowed on the platform? 2. If so, where can individual developers get their verification done? Is there an email alias to reach out at if the form is still not ready? Thank you
  11. Hi, I have been working on a FB instant game since the past few months using Phaser 3. The development work finished early on, but there were issues with Phaser 3 on iOS devices which kept me from successfully testing the game on my iPhone and hence releasing it. The unknown bugs also got the app rejected on FB platform a couple of times without me understanding my. Now I find out that most FB instant games which use Phaser have used Phaser 2 (I asked many developers). I am considering porting my game back to Phaser 2 so that I can release the game on FBInstant even if it has its di
  12. @photonstorm I did: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/4086 Turns out the problem exists even outside of FB instant. Thanks
  13. I had my instant game approved and the audience network review approved as well. However, after that I decided to make a small change (a version bump of Phaser) and test it. So as usual, I uploaded the new zip to FB instant's web hosting section and pushed it to production. The game was broken and I spent the next few hours trying to fix it to no avail. To my dismay, within 6 hours, audience network got blocked because (they said) my app wasn't functioning properly, which is true, but I was merely trying to test it. What is the correct process of doing this? I have read that we don't need a fr
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