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  1. Hello, I've made a playground scene with my model The problem is that the character hovers over the ground instead of standing on the ground. I created some gravity with moveWithCollisions(new BABYLON.Vector3(0,-.1,0)); Does someone has a idea to solve this problem?
  2. Thanks for the help. I got it running:
  3. Thanks for the help, but I need a camera position offset, not a rotation offset. In this example the cemera is right behin the object, but I want the camera behind but slighty to the right. The pivot point should still be the charachter. I want a camera like this (This is not my video, just an example for the camera I want):
  4. Hello, I wanted to create a 3rd person camera that is similar to the game Fortnite. I created already one example where the player is always in the center, but many games have a little offset to the camera and is more pointing to the shoulder of the character. I have no idea what math I have to use and all my attemps just changed the pivot point. Here is my example: It would be cool if someone can explain me what I have to do so that the camera is pointing to the upper right corner of the cube, but the rotation is around the character.