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  1. Hi, my company is starting a pilot project with Babilon.JS to realize an html5 3D product viewer that works both on PC, MAC and mobile. Currently with unity3D we have developed this platform: We are searching for skilled coders that are able to work on runtime mesh/texture loading via webservices to create a simple content driven viewer that use PBR rendering. We expect experience in shaders, mesh/texturing manipulation, webservices and dynamic scene creation. A plus is experience in WebAR/WebVR with Babilon.js Nice to have is the experience to works with CAD files. I would like to start in short time.Company is Italy based and we can pay to bank or paypal.If your interested please pm me. Kind regards
  2. Hi, I am learning PlayCanvas to develope some high quality 3D interactive render (currently no games). My previous experience is with Unity3D and I need to port some contents in PlayCanvas. I am also trying to work directly with PlayCanvas Engine without using the editor to realize a viewer that acquire realtime information from my website (something like texture or 3d models). I am looking for some expert coders that can help me both to improve my skills with PlayCanvas Engine and realize some piece of software for me. Please, feel free to contact me to have more info. Cheers!