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  1. What server do you use for this game? NodeJS or peer to peer? good game btw
  2. Description: Sushi Chef is puzzle game for sushi and puzzle lovers that test your eyes and your hand movement coordination. In this game, you play as new sushi chef at the sushi restaurant that have firm employer who will fire you if you fail to please the customers. Your job is to match three or more similar sushi while you try to fill up customers sushi’s orders that visit your restaurant in limited time that given to you. You have to pleased your customer before they lost their interest to eat and leave the restaurant unsatisfied. If you fail, your employer will fire you or m
  3. Hi I'm new phaser user i got a little bug for my game, this things make me confused for an hour. I make mahjong game using phaser 3, the gameplay it's self are already completed, just add additional features. I make hint function to detect possible matches, and it's working fine also selected pieces that are match are right, but if i want to clear selected pieces (hint object), sometimes it's pick the wrong pieces, i already put selected hint id (array) on console.log, and nothing wrong. If i pick gameobject by id (custom properties) dirrectly, sometimes it's pick a different
  4. Hi I'm new to phaser, i don't know how to get object properties on click, the result is 'undefined' instead of 8888. I use single object/sprite that not grouped and work fine. create(){ this.cards = this.add.group(); var count = 1; for(var y=1; y<5; y++){ var x_space = 70; var y_space = 100; var y_count = 0; for(var x=1; x<10; x++){ if(count <= 36){ this.cards.create(50+(x_space*x), 100+(y_space*y), 'card_'+count).setInteractive(); this.cards.val = 8888; } if(x==10){ y_count++; } count++; } } this.input.on
  5. Hi i have plan to licensing my HTML5 games, and i have a question before doing this. If you licensing your game (ex: someone or a company send a message for game licensing), do you keep your js minify or if your game made with game engine like Construct 2 or Game maker do you include source file? Thank you! have a nice day!
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