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  1. As I'm getting close to finish my first html5 game, a doubt is rather bothering me so I think it's worth asking here. Are vector graphics really a big deal for those who are seeking to find sponsors for a game? This is how the game looks like so far (the sprites aren't all original yet, they're being worked on): Only the buildings are mine, the rest is placeholder and is in the works. The game has a integer scaling system, making its art look sharp in any resolution. That's how it looks on the phone: The game is inspired by Caesar 3, with 13 buildings and a few missions. That's not the point though, what I really want to ask for people who have been working on html5 games professionally is: am I wasting money investing in graphics like this? Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that, that I decided to create an account to express it. Putting a lot of effort into a project to then go through it when getting paid is a pain in the arse (been there with a game of mine -- not HTML5, though). By the way, I'd love to hear some input on how you/other devs defend themselves from these things. Since a HTML5 app is a tad bit too "accessible" to anyone, I don't see how I can protect myself from this kind of thing. Is there any way to "register" a game? Right now I just post all the progress I make on twitter to prove I've been working on it (be it games, digital art, etc). Here hoping you sort things out!