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  1. Thanks @Alexeyy, 🙂 Not sure about an infinite minesweeper: If was designed the same as the one shown then you could do it the same way as is programmed in this tutorial: Just keep the active pieces as a linked-list. All 'inactive/dead' pieces would be disabled and never polled/used. You honestly wouldn't even need to use a canvas if the game is so static.. but you could use a huge canvas, but you'd have to be careful with your drawing: There aren't animations,(typically) so again, for inactive/dead pieces just draw it to the canvas once, and don't re-draw it. E.g. most game engines t
  2. Screenshot/example of what you're trying to achieve? Are you meaning like a default HTML scrollbars, or some custom-game UI scrollbar? (I'd tend to stay away from mixing HTML elements on a canvas.. I assume it's possible, but might get messy)
  3. Thanks for sharing green, helpful for the rest of us. 👍
  4. I'm starting to think this way, too. Kind of came in with the idea that the pixel fonts would be consistent on every device, but SystemText is just..more..convenient. Have to use it for my next project, as I have to be flexible for too many character sets.
  5. That's very cool! 👍👍 Also, code looks good to me. Wondering if it should be added into the engine itself, or maybe better as a module?
  6. The engine itself is opensource, so we can still update as necessary. Just the editor is closed off.
  7. Hi greencoder, I'm not sure what you mean by a menu layout builder. Is there a similar example? Will the Essentials plugin help? It's got a lot of UI elements such as buttons, etc. https://www.panda2.io/plugins (find the Essentials one) Preview: https://www.panda2.io/plugins/essentials
  8. I don't mean for the demo export, I mean for the project source code. E.g. khleug has uploaded the project to GitHub. If I want to play with the code (or collaborate) I have to checkout, manually eyeball the requires() section, and then hunt down the right plugins I need. So if Panda editor was smart enough to read the requires for us, and then pull the plugin into the workspace that would save time, and make it easier. (Maybe? I'm just thinking out loud) I'm a Java monkey, so I'm thinking along the lines of a Maven build file.
  9. It looks, and feels really nice! You added some nice touches with the visuals. I'm kind of curious about adding path finding to it. 😏
  10. Niice to see! Played the demo, and I'll check the code out later. One thing is the brown wall jumping(vertical jumping) seems a bit glitchy? The player seems to blip away from the wall, rather than move smoothly. Yeah, I wanted to share a few demo too, but is a bit awkward if we can't include the plugin. I wonder if it's a good idea to have some kind of build option in the Panda Editor. I.e. so in the Editor, you can say 'include P2.js plugin'. The editor will check: If you have it locally, great, it'll use it. Otherwise, it will try to download it for you from the Panda webs
  11. Seems like a nice little game. I'm no a laptop, so can't really play it? The mouse shooting seems to only work with the touch, right?
  12. No. Maybe a quiet community, though.
  13. I like it! But after 20 levels or so, I start to lose a purpose? Procedurally generated levels are cool, but if everything else stays the same (AI competition, my driving ability, the challenge/risk) then the levels still end up feeling the 'same'. Definitely work on it more. But the next step is to add increasing difficulty/challenge, and maybe some kind of end-game mechanism. Lives/losing system is standard, and would work ok. 3 lives, you get further and further, each time you slip up, you lose a chance. For increased difficulty, either road obstacles start appearing (bombs in the
  14. No need to do this at least: anim has an attribute currentFrame. So you can simply do: if (this.anim.currentFrame === 4){ //currentFrame will start from 0-size of animation. // dosomething } I took a look, and we really don't seem to have the textureFrame==46 style.. It's convenient, but if you're going to hard-code a number in there, I much prefer just hard coding to the 0,1,2,3 convention. Think of this: You know you're animation framing is going to be 0=first frame, 1=second frame. Now: If you update your spritesheet.png, and suddenly If you hard-code in =46, and
  15. Yo! If you've got a tiny Panda file example project? Just so I can open it on my pc, and open it up in Debug and see what options are there.
  16. Hi Panda guys, Just a quickie. I got an email from the play store: I'm a bit caught up with other stuff at the moment. So before I spend a lot of time digging into this, I'm wondering if anyone else is getting this, and what we have to do about it? Cheers! Dallas
  17. Great. Also, so if I used one of your packs, but I needed few custom sprites are you open for taking on small jobs, or are you just focusing on creating the open, free packs? (Also, perhaps set up a tip-jar, or something. If I do use one of your packs, happy to donate. But I don't/won't use Patreon after they burned a few creators.)
  18. Love it. =)))) All the best. How long did it take to pixel these? Curious.
  19. It's actually a pretty good question. I'm not familiar with Apple store, but I've got something on the Google play store. I think there is an option when you setup you your app, if it's free and you have no ad's/monetization, you can say you're open to being talked to. E.g. companies/institutions who want a bundle of 'clean', ad free games, either for offline/standalone devices, or app bundles, can easily find you and talk shop. You might think he's not making a profit, but he could simply be sub-licensing it. Also: He likely didn't only put up your app. He probably tried with about ten.
  20. Haha. 😂 Enpu's still around, and fixes things when problems are found, or add's new stuff. I think the communities just been a bit quiet. I've been pretty swamped to work work on any of my own stuff.
  21. You can't register/play unless you have an Alpha Code? Regardless, best of luck with the game.
  22. Hey, congrats on finishing another game. I've given it a go on PC for the moment, and got so far as stage 6. It plays really well! And looks pretty good. But no sound? Will play on the Android version a bit later, and let you know how that plays. 👍
  23. It's a nice little game! Don't think I've seen design quite like this before, so kudos for getting your own twist in a platform puzzler. The visuals are really nice. Got through till level 14. If you want feedback/critique, I'd just say I'm not sure about the controls. Mouse and then keys, and then space. I've got big hands, and game a little bit but my having to use arrows + space with one hand, and then mouse is a bit awkward. Generally this type of game you might aim for a casual audience(or even think about making it work on a smart phone). The simpler the control schema, the be
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