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  1. Thanks for sharing. Let me know if you write that article, I would like to read it.
  2. @SharedDreams Any update?
  3. Thanks for sharing!
  4. @ninJo You need to go to the review section of the Instant Game tab of your application and submit for review.
  5. You need to have a registered business in order to publish games on the platform. See the message at the top of this documentation for more details:
  6. Make sure you read this documentation: You probably need to do this: "You must try to access it at least once, as you might need to approve a security warning from your browser before continuing. If that is the case and you skip this step, your game will not load."
  7. You should probably put one of your bundles in production (that's the version that will be surfaced when accessing your game). Otherwise, your game is not accessible. You could also set it as "Stage for testing". Please read this part of the documentation: More general request: don't post in another language than English, and give a better title than "test". Something like "How to have testers on my instant game?".
  8. @Superatons, probably someone from the developer community could help you:
  9. @Superatons And I don't understand your question. Could you provide more information?
  10. @MassimoFellucci Do you have the same issue? Are you using the latest version of Phaser and the Instant Games plugin? Also, you might want to ask your question on this group: The community is quite responsive.
  11. I saw you got an answer on our dev community group already: I think the comment you got is the way to go.
  12. @b10b Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Things should get better very soon though.
  13. @saisiva_123 I am not sure I understand the question. Could you provide more details?
  14. Noel


    @vornay No, I just created this forum so we can have the discussions here.