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  1. @Bonomi
    Got it. Have you read the documentation?

    1- But then, how do we handle the accept request on player B (slave) flow?
    Once player B enters that context (see the documentation I shared above) it means the challenge is accepted, it is that simple. Then you can handle it on your server side.
    When player B has played his turn, you could send a custom update:

    2- How is player A notified that his friend accepted the challenge and is ready to play?
    See answer 1.

    3- Same questions about when one player is waiting for his opponent to play, I believe I need to use "switchAsync" function but am a bit blurry here as well.
    Not sure what you mean, but I feel my answer to 1 answers this as well.

  2. Hi @Reborned,
    Are you using you own legit Facebook account to manage your business and your apps? What you are describing sometimes happen when people are using an account they created only to handle their business. These accounts can get flagged as fake, which then become a problem (similar to what you are seeing).
    Also, could you provide the IDs of some of the games that were removed, so I can investigate further?

  3. @DaSe I don't know how you extracted that from the original message, but OK.

    You need a verified business on Facebook in order to get your games approved on the platform. That said, many indie developers created a business and are now releasing games.
    As for the ripoff games and other integrity issues, they are getting solved (slowly, but it is happening).

  4. The Apple Team ID is a requirement from Apple as stated here: You need only one per business.
    Instant Games is meant to offer a similar experience to players no matter the surface they use to play, that is why developers cannot target a particular subset of surfaces.
    As for success on the platform, I invite you to read this post from the community: