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  1. Then maybe we could suggest a solution for that issue. What if the installation was somehow conditioned by the presence of the SDK of that particular portal?
  2. I am wondering what other members are thinking about that. @end3r, @britzl?
  3. @b10b Shared with the Instant Games team. For now it is OK, I will let you know if they need more info.
  4. @b10b Let me share your story internally. I am sorry to hear what happened to you, please keep us posted.
  5. I wanted to be part of the jury! Next time maybe?
  6. @JumpMe This group is about Web Gaming Standards, you should probably find a better place to post your question.
  7. Awesome! Thanks @AshleyScirra for sharing! I will share Francois and Tom today.
  8. @DanEv This is debated a lot these days. I just looked for "écriture inclusive" on the web and it looks like it is used more and more.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Let me know if you write that article, I would like to read it.
  10. @SharedDreams Any update?
  11. Thanks for sharing!