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  1. The purpose of this forum is to discuss HTML5 standards for Web Games. For the original context behind the creation of this forum, you can refer to this post from the W3C: You can also consult a more recent update here:
  2. @jawnwee chooseAsync() is not an invitation system, it will just create a context for you with that one person to play with. Then you will need to read this:
  3. @Doyban I see, sorry I wasn't more helpful, not very knowledgeable on that specific topic. Thanks for sharing!
  4. @Doyban If you don't get answers here, I suggest posting here:
  5. My guess here is that it happens when you pick a person that hasn't play the game yet (and/or didn't play the game in the last 90 days). Could you test that hypothesis?
  6. @lolerji I think the way you are doing it is fine. Loading ahead of time and other similar strategies would probably help provide a better UX if you meet any issue with performance. You might also want to join this group, as many other devs have probably done something similar:
  7. Sure, it is very easy: 1- Stop stealing games 2- Make your own game It should work fine.
  8. @Chris7197 Could you report this issue here: Thank you.
  9. @Bonomi Got it. Have you read the documentation? 1- But then, how do we handle the accept request on player B (slave) flow? Once player B enters that context (see the documentation I shared above) it means the challenge is accepted, it is that simple. Then you can handle it on your server side. When player B has played his turn, you could send a custom update: 2- How is player A notified that his friend accepted the challenge and is ready to play? See answer 1. 3- Same questions about when one player is waiting for his opponent to play, I believe I need to use "switchAsync" function but am a bit blurry here as well. Not sure what you mean, but I feel my answer to 1 answers this as well.
  10. @clarc Did you try the solution I provided? And did you join the community group I shared and check the other answers?
  11. @Bonomi What kind of game are you making? Is it turn based? Do you have a server side?
  12. @Reborned Last thing I would do: With a title: "My games got deleted after my account was marked as potentially hacked" I hope that helps.
  13. @Reborned How about the "Contact our support team" in the middle of this page:
  14. @Reborned I am pretty sure you can reach out to them through here:
  15. Hi @Reborned, It looks like the issue might be related to the suspicion that someone tried to hack your account. Could you get in touch with the team that asked you to change your password and let them know that it impacted your business with Instant Games? Hopefully they will be able to unlock the situation.
  16. @plicatibu Yes I am real, but I don't bring presents on Christmas.
  17. Hi @Reborned, I asked the policy team to look into it. Let me get back to you when I have more information.
  18. Hi @Reborned, Are you using you own legit Facebook account to manage your business and your apps? What you are describing sometimes happen when people are using an account they created only to handle their business. These accounts can get flagged as fake, which then become a problem (similar to what you are seeing). Also, could you provide the IDs of some of the games that were removed, so I can investigate further?
  19. For questions related to Unity on Instant Games, I strongly recommend to join this group on Facebook:
  20. @DaSe I don't know how you extracted that from the original message, but OK. You need a verified business on Facebook in order to get your games approved on the platform. That said, many indie developers created a business and are now releasing games. As for the ripoff games and other integrity issues, they are getting solved (slowly, but it is happening).
  21. @Lawbirth You might want to ask this question to our dev community, maybe someone else had it before and solved it:
  22. @ismailelfa No, no worries. It just seemed very similar so I was encouraging you to check the post on the community as you already got good answers there.
  23. It looks like a duplicate of this post from the Instant Games developer community:
  24. @Lawbirth What I meant by hardcoding it was something like this: image: img, text: 'Test to see is the problem is with Pointer_stringify', data: { myReplayData: '...' }