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  1. Hi @Lawbirth What happens if you hardcode the text? I feel like the issue is with Pointer_stringify.
  2. The Apple Team ID is a requirement from Apple as stated here: You need only one per business. Instant Games is meant to offer a similar experience to players no matter the surface they use to play, that is why developers cannot target a particular subset of surfaces. As for success on the platform, I invite you to read this post from the community:
  3. @alaaeddine I have seen this question being answered a couple of times on the developer community group: One suggestion is to make sure you used <meta name="viewport" content="user-scalable=no, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, minimum-scale=1, width=device-width> in your index.html.
  4. I am not aware of a way to sort games by release date at the moment.
  5. @13reasons Usually it is because: - The website is under construction - The website does not exist - The website appears to be completely different content than what the business should represent (ex: an e-commerce website provided for a software developer company) - The domain of your website has nothing to do with the domain of your email address (example:, website: - Some information about your business (name, address, etc.) do not appear anywhere on your website I hope that helps.
  6. Congratulations for the launch of your game!
  7. You could contact the team in charge directly here: Near the bottom of the page you should see a section "Contact our support team".
  8. We recommend using the WebAudio API, as it should be supported automatically. I though Construct3 was using it, but I would confirm that and report to them if that is not the case.
  9. @abdel What @b10b means is that you should do either FBInstant.player.getDataAsync(['coins']) .then(function(data) { console.log('data is loaded'); var coins = data['coins']; this.coinsText.setText(coins);}); or var coins = 0; FBInstant.player.getDataAsync(['coins']) .then(function(data) { console.log('data is loaded'); var coins = data['coins']; // You could call a function here to update the coins and do other things}); And later (or in the function mentioned above) call this.coinsText.setText(coins)
  10. Hi @abdel, you just need to use the matchmaking API as described here: You can also look at the description of the matchPlayerAsync API with sample codes here:
  11. @Muhammad nasir We do check all the appeals, but it might take some time.
  12. Hi @ThuraOo, 1. "NO FILL" basically means that there is not ads to be served to that user (you in your example) at the moment. It could also mean that you did not configure Audience Network properly. You might want to check this: 2. Here is an answer we gave on the developer community (😞 There can be up to 3 outstanding interstitial ad instances at any time. An ad instance is outstanding if: 1. loadAsync() resolves but showAsync() has not been called. In this case, call showAsync(), and the ad instance will be freed up after showAsync() resolves. Once it frees up, a new ad instance can be created. 2. loadAsync() rejects. This is usually due to no-fill. In this case, reuse the same ad instance and call loadAsync() again. loadAsync() can be called up to 3 times on the same instance. If all 3 times returned no-fill, it is unlikely we will have ads for that user with in the same session anyway.
  13. @whatisaghostwriter Thanks for sharing the solution with the community.
  14. @linhcophu I believe that every API has a sample code in the documentation I shared with you (shareAsync does, at least)
  15. @linhcophu The only API you can use are the one from the Instant Games SDK:
  16. @b10b Oh you are right, it is documented (thus it should work). I understand your use case, it makes sense. Would you mind opening a bug report on our bugs tool?
  17. @b10b As far as I know, what you are trying to do is undocumented for Instant Games, so I am not clear on what the expected result should be. See here: What is the use case for creating leaderboards through that endpoint?
  18. - Do not ask for any user information that is not provided by the Instant Games SDK (including use of the Facebook Platform Javascript SDK) (Source: - No, you cannot. Note: can you put a better title so we do not need to open your post to know what it is about, your title was too generic. Thanks.
  19. @shwekayin I will probably forget. It is better you join this group:
  20. See this: Your question is a duplicate of the question asked right before yours:
  22. If the issue persists:
  23. Is it Instant Games related? This group is about Instant Games, not audience network. And I do not think what you are trying to do is possible anyway (to confirm with audience network though).
  24. Thank you for letting me know. I will check with my team to make sure we block that behavior.