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  1. Hi @fredriksthlm You should be able to get the timezone through the usage of bots. That is the best you can get about location at the moment.
  2. @Veritos I do not have access to the link you shared. The image you attached in your original post is a click-to-play ad. More info here:
  3. @Veritos Are you referring to this post? I think the information you are looking for is here:
  4. To me it looks like it could be IAP related ("In App Purchases are supported on Android 6 and above." from here: Do you have IAP in your game? If yes, are you using getSupportedAPIs to make sure the API is supported?
  5. @Shima_Max I don't have a strong recommendation for that. 30s seems a safe bet.
  6. Hi @Shima_Max This is evaluated by the platform. You should gracefully handle this error and wait a bit before trying to load another ad. It impacts only the current user.
  7. @Shahdee What do you use to play audio files? We recommend using the Web Audio API as it should work fine with the mute switch on Apple devices.
  8. @Shima_Max Unfortunately, I do not think there is any publicly available documentation for that at the moment.
  9. @Shima_Max I escalated your feedback to our product team already. Thanks for reporting.
  10. @Shima_Max I believe just removing localizations: { en_US: 'US text', } from your first message should work though.
  11. Hi @Shima_Max I believe that is the expected result. If you use "localizations", then all the languages without a localized text will have a standard localized message. I will share your feedback with our product team though.
  12. Hi @fredriksthlm, I suggest reading this post: And you could join this group for the latest news: (especially
  13. Hi @idtoufik, Yes, you will need a back-end to make live multiplayer games.
  14. Hi @fredriksthlm Thank you for the feedback. 1- Let me escalate that to our product team. 2- Since Jan 21 2019, the OPT_IN setting is obsolete and has no effect anymore. 3- Let me escalate that too to our product team.
  15. Look at the contract part on this page: You must complete it. Business verification was enforced after you made your game, that is why you could publish it.
  16. Your bot has been reviewed properly, but it is pending business verification.