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  1. @pingu, you can use FBInstant.logEvent if and consult the logs in the Analytics section of the game though.
  2. @pingu I think generated test users are not added properly to leaderboards as they are not real people. Could you add real users to the list of testers in the "role" setting and test again?
  3. Hi @Shima_Max, the debug tools in Chrome should work fine.
  4. Hi @pingu, are A and B both real users or a test users created by you?
  5. Hi @Xe Sean, does it work well on other platforms? Edit: could you also share the app ID?
  6. Hi @KENYONBcom, let me check what is going on and get back to you.
  7. @zenocross I strongly suggest using the latest version (beta) available on github: It comes with some integration with the Instant Games SDK so you should not have to deal with these issues.
  8. Hi @Barabus great, I hope it gets resolved soon.
  9. Hi @Barabus can you open a new bug report and reference the bug report you shared here?
  10. Hi @pingu, might want to check the documentation for "strategy": strategy string? Specifies how the update should be delivered. This can be one of the following: 'IMMEDIATE' - The update should be posted immediately. 'LAST' - The update should be posted when the game session ends. The most recent update sent using the 'LAST' strategy will be the one sent. 'IMMEDIATE_CLEAR' - The update is posted immediately, and clears any other pending updates (such as those sent with the 'LAST' strategy). If no strategy is specified, we default to 'IMMEDIATE'. Source:
  11. Hi @Barabus, is the player listed as an admin/dev/tester of the app?
  12. @Reggis I see. I will communicate your feedback and update you then.
  13. @Barabus Well, you are calling canSubscribeBotAsync to check if that user can subscribe to the bot. It looks like this player cannot, that is it. We do not list all the cases this might happen, as it is subject to change, but you can assume that it returns the correct value.
  14. @Regis I remember seeing your question on another thread (maybe our dev community page?). Did you get your answer already?
  15. @liuwx I do not know what the roadmap is for this.
  16. @b10b I did not hear anything about updateAsync, so I don't think it is going to be affected. @liuwx Are you talking about the updated documentation?
  17. Hi @liuwx, thank you for the feedback. I already shared it with our engineers.
  18. Hi, this is an expected behavior. We will communicate about it soon, but basically we are making changes to better follow the following policy:
  19. @Xe Sean You can use it, it is not in beta anymore. I checked our documentation and do not see any place where it says it is in beta. If you do, please share with us.
  20. @pingu, I was going to ask you about what you put as base64Picture, but it looks like you are setting it properly now.
  21. Hi @pingu, it looks like you do not need me anymore Let me know if you have other questions.
  22. Hi, 4. Yes, it is sent immediately 5. It is sent to the current context (could be a 1:1 conversation or a group conversation) 6. It is well documented:, and I do not think I can put better words on it than the documentation itself. 7. Not really. But when you enter from a custom update for example, as it contains data (getEntryPointData), you can resume a game where it was and other things. I hope that helped.
  23. @obiot thanks for sharing that documentation here