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  1. Is there a Phaser Animation State Machine?
  2. Are 'animationcomplete_attack' and the others autogenerated from the names of the animations?
  3. I wish something like this solution was in Phaser 3 player.anims.onComplete.addOnce(function() {; }, this);
  4. This seems kinda like a hardcoded solution, and I'm not sure what it's doing. Hey there! I'm also trying to play an animation once the current animation completes with Phaser 3. I'm making a fighting game, and I would like to play my attack animations, and then playWhenCurrentAnimFinished my movement animations. That way, you can still move around while attacking, but the attacking animations have higher priority and play in entirety. Personally, I don't know how to solve this with on('animationcomplete', ___, this); because I don't know if it's possible to pass an animation name as an argument to the callback function. SOS :)
  5. @PhaserEditor2D I downloaded Phaser editor but it only comes with the Phaser 2.7 api. How can I get it to work with Phaser 3?
  6. @photonstorm Thanks for the clarification Richard, but on this tutorial on the Phaser website, it looks as if texture atlas frame rotation works with both Canvas and WebGL with Phaser 2. I personally use Phaser 3, and was looking around the internet for how to enable sprite rotation with Phaser 3 because when I used Texture Packer with the default (Phaser 3) settings for my sprites, it rotated many of them. When I previewed the sprite animations in the browser, the sprites weren't being unrotated, despite Phaser 3 DevLog #48 announcing support for the functionality. (i guess it was only for WebGL then) So would the best solution be to not rotate sprites within our atlases (turn off the setting in TexturePacker), or use sprite rotation but force Phaser to render in WebGL (I personally tried this by changing Phaser.AUTO to Phaser.WEBGL, and it didn't work)