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  1. Hi, Anyone knows how to use the List in Phaser 3?
  2. Functions for creating a UI in Phaser. Rows, columns, viewports, scrollbars, stuff like that.
  3. In the following config what is the difference between 'resolution' and '_resolution' ? var config = { type: Phaser.AUTO, parent: 'phaser-example', backgroundColor: '#0056a4', width: 800, height: 600, _resolution: window.devicePixelRatio, resolution: 2, scene: { preload: preload, create: create, resize: resize } }; Does it matter the entire rendering performance of the canvas if i set the 'resolution' value to more than 1 in the game config ? If i want to increase the rendering quality of the text objects, what will be the solution? In Facebook instant games the text looks blurry, because Instant games sets the 'devicePixelRatio' to default value 1. Is there any solution to change the rendering quality for only text objects? Please help me if anyone know the answer. Thanks
  4. Keisha

    Vertical scrolling

    Thanks @jake.caron. This is very helpful suggestion.
  5. Hi erverybody, Does anyone of you know how to implement a vertical scrolling(text or game objects) in Phaser3 ? I want to scroll a leaderboard entries vertically. Please help me.
  6. Keisha

    Truncating text

    I found the solution. var length = 3; var myString = "ABCDEFG"; var myTruncatedString = myString.substring(0,length); // The value of myTruncatedString is "ABC"
  7. Keisha

    Truncating text

    Hello, Is there a way to truncate a text in Phaser3? Please help me.
  8. Thanks for the answer. Can you please share me the 'docs' url ?
  9. Can anyone please tell me how to mask a image inside a container?
  10. Xampp works fine for me. Supports all browsers too. Watch how to setup it:
  11. Keisha

    Update Audio Volume

  12. I am stuck with this problem. Following code is working very nicely in desktop browsers. But in iPhone won`t display the image. Anyone please guide me to correct this code ? my code is like this: let graphic =; graphic.fillStyle(0xffffff, 1); graphic.fillRoundedRect(200, 300, 400, 400, 4); let rt = this.add.renderTexture(400, 300, 400, 400).setOrigin(0); rt.draw(graphic); rt.saveTexture('roundedRect') cell.destroy(); rt.destroy(); // iPhone won`t show this image let img = this.add.sprite(100, 100, 'roundedRect';
  13. Yes I got it. Please look into this😀:
  14. Yes. I was using the generateTexture() method for creating textures from the graphics and later i removed it and loaded different textures from png`s when i started getting the errors. I didn't know why i was getting those errors.