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  1. Hi @enpu can you update the Instant Games plugin example file? I tried uploading example directly and it stays at 0% loaded.
  2. The classic whack a mole game, but with typing. Another Panda2 game I've made for my typing test website to match my Balloon Popper game. Let me know any comments or suggestions, thanks!
  3. I've just reduce the pop volume, and added some decorative balloons the title screen.
  4. @Wolfsbane Yes I knew about this issue. It was hard finding a nice font that was easy to read and had distinct letters. You have problems with 1s, Ls, and 0s. The zeroes look like Os so I had to add a slash across it. The way to tell them apart visually is the color. Green is lower, yellow is upper, blue is numbers and red is symbols. I could tweak the letters in Photoshop again. Hm, but lowercase L and a 1 look pretty similar. I will adjust the pop volume
  5. @Umz The difficulty is based on the number of balloons hit, not the the time. So if you got a lot it will go faster. I played it many times then it seemed easy. My thought was it will get crazy at the end and you will have to let balloons pass and pick and choose the highest point balloons like the red ones. @Oliver77 Thanks for checking it out! :)
  6. Check out my simple HTML5 game for this typing test website. Balloons with letters come up and you have to click the letter to pop it. There will be lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols with different points. You have 90 seconds, and the more you pop the faster it runs. Let me know any comments or suggestions, thanks!
  7. Hi @enpu please take a look at this sample, the setText() makes the text blank. I believe its related to maxWidth, because it works without maxWidth. game.addAsset('font.fnt'); game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { this.text = new game.Text("Hello Panda Banda!\nHow are you today?",{maxWidth:300}); this.text.addTo(this.stage); game.Timer.add(1500,function() {this.nextCall()}.bind(this)); }, nextCall: function() { this.text.setText("Line 1\nLine 2"); } });
  8. I know that I can add them by changing the HTML file and adding the scripts directly, but when I export my project that HTML changes and the minified JS does not include them. What is the best way to add other libraries to my project that will be exported properly? Thanks!
  9. Looks like its working. Maybe related to dev branch engine I recently switched to.
  10. @Wolfsbane If you add this to your config, audio should play thru switching scenes: game.config = { name: 'Test', audio: { stopOnSceneChange: false //Add this }, .......
  11. After I create a Text with properties, those properties are lost after I setText(). Let me know if I am doing something incorrectly. Thanks! //This gets centered this.label = new game.Text('SCORE 99999\nCongrats!',{align:'center'}); //No longer centered this.label.setText('SCORE '+score+'\nCongrats!');
  12. Hi I have a very basic question. If I want variables to remain scoped to its module what is the best way to do it? So the below example I want every class created inside the module to be able to see "score". Right now I use game.score, I can also use global scope with window. But is there a better way? game.module( 'game.main' ) .body(function() { game.addAsset('screen.png'); game.score = 0; //I want everything in the module to see this game.hiscore = 0; //I want everything in the module to see this game.createClass('PreLoader', 'Loader', { ... //This class sees game.score game.createScene('Title', { ... //This class sees game.score game.createScene('Main', { .. //This class sees game.score