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  1. Download the “FREELY” available source code from these tutorials. https://makingbrowsergames.com/starterkits/quiz/p3_quiz_game1JS.pdf http://makingbrowsergames.com/starterkits/quiz/
  2. PBM3

    Phaser 3 book

    I found this on Amazon Phaser III Game Design Workbook and another one still in development entitled Phaser III Game Prototyping
  3. is today ~60% completed and you can read a sample on LeanPub.com. It will be available early 2019 on Amazon The sister volumes Phaser III Game Prototyping and Phaser III Starter Kit Collection are in the works also.
  4. Phaser Game Prototyping (newly expand and revised 4th edition) on sale for .99 today on Amazon.com
  5. Found this .... Actual literal translation from the grimoire — “Lore of Phaser v3.x.x.”a is: One File to rule them all — (Phaser.Game the God-class!), One File to find them — (Phaser.Boot), One File to bring them all — (Phaser.Load), and in the darkness bind them! — (Phaser.Scene) quoted from "Phaser III Game Prototypes" @ leanpub.com
  6. Just found this site from a popular author on Phaser v3.x.x. It's a newly launched book for "16 Classic Game mechanics for Phaser3 Gaming Frameworks". There only 1% completed, and an email list when it is completed published. There's also a Phaser v3 Game Developer Certification course available with the book or separately at https://leanpub.com/c/p3gdc