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  1. Pumb it up for someone want to play simple game without install
  2. Thanks Phaser and Richard have bring my first game to the bottom of the list phaser game in September. I thought it would be buried forever.
  3. /******** Change log update 19/09 ********/ -- Add level 7 with new game play. Regards, Gafami
  4. /******** Change log update 08/31 ********/ -- Improve sound load time. No painful for waiting sound loading any more! Regards, Gafami
  5. Good catch Wolf! That is a typing mistake from server data. The mini boss attk wide area so that spam a lot of sarmurai at the same time may not the best choice. You can try buy slow one by one when you facing him. Otherwise, if you have a dark knight in your team. Everything will become so easy. Regards, Gafami
  6. I have re-write your code a little bit. Hope it help. var platform; var counter = 0; function preload() { platform = this; /*var dataURI = '''............" var data = new Image(); data.src = dataURI; game.cache.addImage('image-data', dataURI, data);*/ } function create() { // Handle Base 64 Image From Here Not From PreLoad var dataURI = "............" platform.textures.addBase64('imgBase64', dataURI); // Loader to wait all base64 Image loaded platform.textures.on('onload', function() { counter++; }); // Timer check when all based64 assets have been loaded platform.customTimer = platform.time.addEvent({ delay: 500, callback: function callback() { // Adjust counter maximum as you ecpect. For now just one based64 assets need to be loaded only if (counter === 1) { // Destroy timer to save memory platform.customTimer.remove(false); // Add base64 image and position it platform.imgBase64Sprite = platform.add.sprite(game.config.width / 2, game.config.height / 2, 'imgBase64'); } }, callbackScope: platform, loop: true}); }
  7. Dear James, My friend, the viking may become useful if you fight again enemy at level 6 of the map. They are bomb not a human :). 1 bomb can kill any your unit even the darknight so the low cost of viking become useful now when you can spam him to agains the bomb. Beside it, you may need him to spam level 3 to receive total 4 gems at that batttle since you become too strong and the mini boss can’t not showup before enemy flag be destroyed. Regards, Gafami
  8. /******** Change log update 08/26 ********/ -- Add new game play for level 6. -- Improve camera. -- Improve game performance. Regards, Gafami
  9. I would like inform you that "War IOM" v2 have been re-work graphics and added more feature to serve user experience. For more detail please look into my first post. Regards, Gafami
  10. Dear friends, Map level 5 and new feature have been released!!! /******************* Change log *******************/ -- Add new soliders (dark knight and angel knight)!!! -- Add feature pick unit before begin the battle. -- Improve first load performance -- Add map level 5 with new enemy (stronger and faster) I very appreciate for any advice or feedback for my game are welcome and. Wish a good health for all of you. Regards, Gafami
  11. Hope this help you // Display word "Game Over" at center of the screen game let gameOverText = this.add.text(game.config.width / 2, game.config.height / 2, 'GAME OVER', { fontSize: '32px', fill: '#fff' }); // Set z-index just in case your text show behind the background. gameOverText.setDepth(1);
  12. I think that in Phaser, they have a func call update() { }. This function work as a timer run with 0 delay. So when develop game based on Phaser just remember that you should avoid put many logic code inside update() func and everything will be fine.