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  1. onDragMoveModified does not seem to be listen. .on('pointermove', onDragMoveModified);
  2. Hi,ivan.popelyshev Maybe you can tell me how to achieve it?
  3. hello,everyone! effect: my demo:https://pixiplayground.com/#/edit/47wFCytmySTL5yl48dapG How to deal with the fill color of the border?
  4. Is your problem hierarchical?
  5. Hello! I have a square picture,Now I want to cut this picture into a hexagonal picture without using photoshop. Is there any good implementation idea? mask?or frame?
  6. How should the dist folder built by client and serber run?
  7. @xerverThank you xerver, your answer has made me understand more, can you tell me how to build your configuration (MySQL and CloudFlare integration for example) on the windows server 2012 WEB server? My original intention was to build a non-English pixiplayground that would allow him to be compatible with more languages and be used and developed by developers from non-English speaking countries!
  8. @ivan.popelyshev@xerverWhat dependencies should I install for this pixiplayground? At present, I only installed webpack, it seems that it can't run normally. How can I solve it? Thank you.
  9. I saw the playground on Pixi at https://github.com/ivanpopelyshev/playground. I have learned that he is using typescript language and running on nodejs. Since I am not familiar with ts and nodejs, I can only access it through http://localhost:8080 after npm dev startup. Now I want to put him. Deployed to the web server on my window so that he can access it on the public network. May I do this?
  10. Here I want to do a parabola of basketball。 I thought of using Pixi, but Pixi had no good built-in methods. Here is a demo I want to achieve:https://basketball.frvr.com/;He looks pretty good! How do I achieve this basketball track? And basketball has the feeling of radian.
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