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  1. This is what happens if you put the camera on the up-vector Z => https://playground.babylonjs.com/#1W4BJT It doesn't rotate well. This is what I did in order to fix the problem => https://playground.babylonjs.com/#JBJNZ1 What can I do to achieve the result of the second PG without the "parentBox"?
  2. Wow! Very fast :D Thank-you so much for this!!! But my original question was related to that parentBox thing. In order to rotate the camera with the up-vector Z I need to use that parentBox, and I don't want to use the parentBox trick. I want to be able to use an arcRotateCamera with the up-vector Z with something that works out of the box. Do we have something to achieve this? PG with the custom rotations and the parentBox => https://playground.babylonjs.com/#JBJNZ1
  3. Hi! Im sorry for answering so late, I've been occupied with my finals exams There you have a playground with my custom camera and the gizmos => https://playground.babylonjs.com/#JBJNZ1#1
  4. Hello, I want to use the arcRotateCamera with the up-vector (0,0,1) but the rotations don't work well. I disabled the controls and I've put the camera parent to an invisible box that I rotate with the pointerMove. This is to have the scene with the up-vector (0,0,1) instead of (0,1,0) With this setup, alpha, beta, position and a couple more things are not updating. Even though It works, I'd prefer to use the default arcRotateCamera because some things, such as the boundingBox gizmo 6DOF movements, don't work well. Is there a way to achieve this with something that babylonjs has OO
  5. It's strange, I snapped an sprite to a mesh, and it seemed as it were overlapping
  6. Maybe, just render the scene when you need it, It will improve the performance in background a lot.
  7. Okay, it seems the problem is on the rendering group. If I comment the // spriteManager.renderingGroupId = 2 it works perfectly. But I really need to be rendered the last thing, I need the sprite to be always over the meshes
  8. Hi, I'm trying use sprites but they are not showing up and no error is displayed. this is the typescript code o.spriteManager = new BABYLON.SpriteManager('circleManager', 'https://i.imgur.com/kzDwQjO.png', 2000, 512, o.scene); o.spriteManager.renderingGroupId = 2; const a = new BABYLON.Sprite('p01Circle ' + options.name, o.spriteManager); // const a.stopAnimation(); // const a.cellIndex = 0; a.width = 100000; a.height = 100000; And in this playground I have almost the same, but it's not working: https://www.babylonjs-playground.
  9. Hi, sorry it's true I forgot to do some PG. Thanks to both of you Really helpful, specially the one fromJohnK!!! Right now I'm very busy, but as soon as I'm able to test it I'll tell you if it worked
  10. Hello! I need to get a plane equation from a plane mesh that I have in my scene. The idea is to position a clipPlane in the same position and rotation as the plane mesh on my scene. Thanks
  11. Hi! I want to add an uniform to the default pbr, because I've modified a little bit (3 lines) the default shader. I have a way to modify the uniform value from the material itself, but I can't add an uniform... Is there a way? Or I have to set up a custom shaderMaterial and put all the uniforms just as babylon does?
  12. Why don't you paint on the canvas directly? without babylon and without shaders
  13. Hi! I'm trying to extract the position for every pixel in my pixel shader. I need it to calculate the direction from the camera to each pixel. How can I achieve this?
  14. Hi, I want to pass a vec3 array from my babylon code to my shader, but I cannot see anything related. I've seen floats arrays and color3 arrays, but with the first one i'd have to parse them to vec3 (which I do not want) and the second one I don't know If it would work correctly (I'm new to babylonjs) Thanks.
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