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  1. Looks good! HTML5 mmorpg is a great project/challenge for learning tons of advanced stuff in computer science in general! It covers all the basis. One piece of advice i'd give, if you want to go to production with your MMO, switch socket.io for something lighter and way faster, I would consider even switching language to something like Go or C++! Check out uWebsockets (micro websockets) for C++.
  2. Here is what I would do; I would go with Armor Games and not even bother self-hosting. They offered you all that jazz for a reason. Your game is probably a very good fit for their portal/audience. Maybe try negotiating a bit, for example, ask them to give you front-page placement for a bit? Also, ask them for more information, like how many players can you expect and if their core player-base would appreciate the game like yours (just to be sure). If things go alright, people love the game and it's well-received - I'd contact Armor Games and ask them if they would want to partner up
  3. It's okay. Customer support is terrible and the reports/analytics page is terrible too. However, people have been sharing here that they pay on time which is a big plus. UPDATE: Their customer support got better, at the time of writing this review, COVID was on the rise and that affected their support. They didn't update their reports/analytics page yet, so it is still pretty lacking and doesn't display a lot of information. NOTE: I don't mean that the info/data the reports/analytics page shows is incorrect, it's just that it doesn't have a lot of features!
  4. Yeah... I've had the same issue, revenue randomly drops to very low number or 0. I haven't really tried contacting them because they are terrible when it comes to replying. They take ages to reply and publish the game - and when they reply the message is usually something generic and unhelpful. It's quite sad actually, I really liked GameDistribution and tried to stay optimistic and positive about it. I really don't get it, with a huge company behind it and actually having Microsoft publishing their games on GameDistribution I thought things would get a lot better - I was mistaken. A
  5. I don't think this is something the host can control, most of the games come from some sort of distributors that distribute these games and consequently control ads. Here is my 2 cents on the website OP. Most of these games that you have on front page I've already seen on other similar websites like poki, pacogames... If you'd want me to stay on your website, maybe recommend me some unique games that I haven't seen before (on the front page)? Here is also some quick little observations: - I have no idea where to register - Favicon isn't transparent and rather has white bac
  6. My man 😀 This is neat! Thanks a bunch!!
  7. Can you provide some code? And what does the console say?
  8. Can't post any screenshots since something's wrong Falling Blocks is a fun physics-based puzzle game! It’s a fully HD game with unique 30 levels that require a bit of thinking and reaction time to complete. The game is also very pretty. You can try it by clicking on me! The game is also available for licensing on my website if someone's interested Click on me to navigate to my website
  9. vedia

    Game Data

    I use PlayFab in a couple of my games, Firebase can also be an option. Both of these require to integrate their API which can be fairly difficult if you don't know some javascript.
  10. Just to clarify so someone doesn't get confused as I did. They are not purchasing games, they will upload your game to their store and help you sell it.
  11. Just saw an article which says that Instant Games is going away and that they are introducing something new called Facebook Gaming which will be accessible via the Facebook app and not Messenger. Link to the article: https://knowtechie.com/facebook-games-the-thing-you-probably-never-used-is-leaving-facebook-messenger/ What are your thoughts?
  12. Game Dev Tycoon is one of them, they used NW.js but I'm not sure if they still use it they might have ported to Unity
  13. Well you could pay for any 3D model then just render animations into frames (.png) I think that would be the easiest and cheapest way to do it
  14. Well if you're just doing 2D games you don't really need some powerful computer to do your work properly, not sure about 3D but I think a simple 600-700$ rig can pretty much do the work
  15. I'm shocked that no-one mentioned this but GameDeveloperStudio.com is one of my favorites they are also pretty cheap.
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