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  1. In the last few weeks Facebook’s Instant games platform has seen a huge surge in users, and it’s all down to one extraordinary clickbait game. OMG, from an obscure Philippines game studio Supergene Inc. has surged from a base of 31,000 users on October 19 to 58m daily users in just 17 days. That compares with a usual top-ten figure of 10m and already accounts for 17% of all daily users. Probably the most interesting effect of this surge has been the parallel surge in Instant Games as a platform. On October 19, the platform had 255m users, down from a height of 270m in July. By November 4,
  2. My experience on Windows 10 was that it works only in Mirosoft Edge. On Chrome and Opera the loading stalled.
  3. FB allows us make test apps, effectively as sub-apps while our production app is in review or already launched. Is there any way to copy an apps settings in their entirety. Problem with test apps is you have to go through adding products again, and no doubt a whole load of other stuff.
  4. I'm uncertain whether this platform is a serious prospect for smaller developers. I've just seen some shocking revenue numbers from a dev who know's what he's doing.
  5. Seriously, Facebook require an Apple Developer Team ID, so they can put the game on IOS. $100 per annum which is hard for indie devs who don't publish on IOS directly.
  6. I've spend the last 3 months working on Facebook Messenger games. It's potentially a big market, but Facebook need to make lots of changes to catch up with apps on IOS and Android. For web developers (as opposed to app developers) Facebook instant games is very different and requires a lot additional work plus paying the Apple Developer Fee. And then there's a review process. I've written an article on Linkedin that discusses a lot of issues. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/working-facebook-messenger-instant-games-conor-o-nolan/ Comments and feedback welcome.
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