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    Risk is minimal.  Minor updates are usually for specific reasons - a particular feature or bug fix.  So there is often only need to update if such feature or fix directly affects our project, sub-library, or user base.  Generally this is rare for a library as mature and well tested as Pixi.
    Major versions (and resulting deprecation) can be very exciting for early adopters but should be considered a "new book" - before opening we should check if we've finished the previous book and pre-identify why the new book is better.
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    Jacky Tea reacted to jinzo7 in PIXI current versions in the future ?   
    Hello, developers! 

    I am wondering about PIXI v.3 or v.4, how much they can live and work on the internet.
    Imagine now I start big project on v.3 or v.4. This project should be licensed with little exceptions.
    Should I extract the whole code related to PIXI(my view) to be specially maintained over the time?
    What is the experience on similar cases?
    What is the risk? 

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    Jacky Tea reacted to ivan.popelyshev in Is pixi.js dying?   
    Summary: we are on vacation, deal with it.
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    In production, pixi is thriving , both v3 and v4. There are big projects that are using pixi right now. Softgames are searching for pixi devs, and locally, i know that several russian web development companies have vacansies for pixi devs. I even thought 3d apps with both Pixi and ThreeJS.
    As for development, its slow because almost all maintainers are busy. V5 release is almost here, we need just one more big feature that we are working on right now: new batcher for geometries/sprite/meshes, that is generated automatically based on shader input.
    V4 with plugins is very powerful: typescript, spine animations, better generated colored meshes, container sorting, 3d projections, normal maps, e.t.c.
    As soon as its ready, we'll update all the plugins to v5. v4 will be supported anyway, currently too many projects depend on it. If you dont need specific features from v5, you can start with v4 and upgrade later, it wont be that hard.
    If you look in community, slack is active enough. Not like in phaser v3 but good too. ( but I dont want to give you an invitation, ask someone else )
    === Personal part
    As for bright future, I'm working on a platform that supports PixiJS API, Phaser API , ThreeJS API and Flash API, with support of SWF format.
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    Jacky Tea reacted to Mat Groves in Is pixi.js dying?   
    Hey there! 
    Don't worry, we are still doing lots of pixi behind the scenes. Got a bit too busy to blog, but the Pixi is still moving forward and we have no plans to stop :)
    V5 has taken a little longer than planned due to our time being a little more limited. Internally we have been using v5 for all our projects over the past year so its in a great spot. We are keen to make sure its ship shape before officially releasing it to the dev branch. We are close and there are a lot of improvements there. Both in performance and flexibility :D
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    Jacky Tea got a reaction from jonforum in Is pixi.js dying?   
    Forgive the title - unless a moderator edited it, in which case you don't necessarily have to forgive me
    Anyway - having worked with Flash, I've watched Pixi.js for a while. I personally like to think it's the way forward: I like its flexibility and the amount of features it supports. I also tried Phaser.io, but its outdated Pixi library was kind of a deal breaker for me (and what completely killed the project for me was that with v3 they broke compatibility completely, according to their FAQ).
    Pixi.js on the other hand seems to try to keep their API intact, which are huge bonus points for me. When I first saw it, I ran into a few bugs, and since v4 was out for a while, I figured I'll just wait a little longer for v5 before committing to it long term. Though, seasons and years passed, and now it's 2018, but the last blog post is still from 2016 - there seems to be no news, at least not from the core developers. The "Blog" link from Pixi.js is outdated (though you can still get to it from Goodboy Digital). There's few committers, and the commits are spaced out quite a bit.
    The lack of updates (and that I find very little about the company behind it, and their business model) worries me. I imagine you guys have a much better idea about what state Pixi is in. Are you worried? Are the lack of updates because it's just that stable now, or is it uncertain whether Pixi.js will even be supported longer than Flash? Is Pixi.js v5 just around the corner (I see an alpha tag on Github), or is it so far away that it's pointless to wait?
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    Jacky Tea reacted to botmaster in PIXI current versions in the future ?   
    Risk is big in my experience, I built an entire framework around PIXI 4.1.something and when later tried to update to PIXI 4.5.something (I think it was 5) all hell broke loose. This was a huge disappointment to me, I was expecting PIXI 5 to do that eventually but not while still in version 4. I did evaluate the changes and found they were deep and numerous to the point that my framework would have to be completely rewritten. problem is I already have a bunch of apps in production and I can't throw so much testing time down the toilet and start over. So I'll stick to 4.1 for now and make the updates myself and as for PIXI 5 I might have later to adapt it to my framework and not the other way around. It's really a trend that I think Apple started with all frameworks nowadays, why being backward compatible when you can simply just not care about it at all.