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  1. I'm Andrew Raftery - nice to meet all of you on here! I recruit from Colaberry Analytics of Boston and we're an ed-tech company specializing in data science bootcamps, AWS training, making an easier way to qualify yourself for web/game development jobs with our website (, and most obviously placing talented full-stack developers, AWS developers, data scientists, and game developers at the companies they enjoy working at. I've recently had quite an enjoyable time getting to know some Unity 3D Developers who have a passion for AR/VR development, while assisting a partner company down in Fort Lauderdale, FL which is making a big splash in AR products and open-source AR SDKs. I'm looking to chat with interesting and engaging Unity 3D C++ Developers who want to help add onto the impact being made in AR tech down in Fort Lauderdale. If you want to chat, message me, and I'll be ready to listen! Andy