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  1. Sorry for my multiple thread. I found that when i played :"EverWing", i can share a video on my timeline. Is this function still in beta? Like the cross promotion before?
  2. Noel, Sorry to trouble you again. I found that some games can share their "Click to Play" video, could you tell me how to make that work?
  3. Hello dude, I want to know how to create the "click to play video" on Facebook instant game. And i guess that there might be a tool that can convert the video to base64 format to make it works. Thanks
  4. I want to add some function to my game which based on LBS. But i don't know is this server supported on facebook instant game ?
  5. Is it necessary to create a app page for my instant game? Sorry , i have checked it. There is an app page for my test demo. And the app id : 2048297028751751 The code screenshots have been added too. You can check it. Thanks.
  6. When i call shareAsync function, in chrome console gives next errors: POST https://www.facebook.com/react_composer/logging/ods/?event=bootload_start&attachment_type=MEDIA&dpr=1 404 () ErrorUtils caught an error: "<![EX[["Async request failed with error %s: %s when requesting %s","404","Про...". Subsequent errors won't be logged; see https://fburl.com/debugjs. POST https://www.facebook.com/react_composer/logging/ods/?event=bootstrap_start&attachment_type=MEDIA&dpr=1 404 () Can anybody tell me how it happens or how i can solve it. Thanks.
  7. Thanks dude, i have checked the document. The "beta bla bla" were mentioned 1 month ago, when i ask the supporter of the platform. I want to set the cross promotion of my instant games.
  8. Hello, dude. Have this api "switchGameAsync" complete the beta ?
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