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  1. @Sebavan Is there any way to notify Patrick Ryan about loader text and white screen issue?
  2. I am still able to reproduce white screen issue (on FlightHelmet ) then how it is solved. Demos on the babylonjs website is to motivate developers to use babylonjs. This will really discourage newbie and even studios.
  3. Hi everyone 😊, I am Unity Developer. I want to make rich 2D and 2.5D playable ads. In search of native webgl engine I found babylonjs. I googled, but couldn't find any 2D project. Is 2D projects are recommended with babylonjs 3.3.0?
  4. Yes agreed about time. Sorry for misleading. Its not getting struck. Only loader text is not showing correctly. And FlightHelmet app showing white screen in incognito mode after loading, are able to reproduce white screen?
  5. @Sebavan So its only app issue. Because apps made by Patrick Ryan all 3 app have loader text issue. And only FlightHelmet always showing white screen in Android Chrome 68 incognito mode for me.
  6. @Sebavan But getting struck at "1 remaining" text isn't bug? Maybe app bug?
  7. @SebavanThis video showing loader issue and website link problem. So looks like white screen issue I encounter only on chrome incognito window. I am not able to screen recoder in incognito mode.
  8. @sebavan Still Fighthelmet app loader is showing "1 remaining" beginning to end. Flickers between 1 and 2 sometime. This time after downloading it is showed white screen now. I also face this same white screen issue before once. Internet speed is not problem. I have 100mbps connection. I can share screen record of this. I am using one plus 5. Tell me anything I can do to help debuging this issue PS: Test on cache and data cleared chrome Android app to reproduce it.
  9. I was just looking around to get started with babylon js. I encountered loader issue. While opening this flighthelmet, yeti and Chili Rex demo loader getting struck. Fighthelmet get struck offen. To reproduce 1) Clear "cache" and "data" of chrome on andorid 2) open this link 3) Strucks at 1 and flickering between 1 and 2. I tested on couple of devices able to reproduce this issue. I am not sure whether its app issue or engine issue. Another one small link issue. flighthelmet, yeti and Chili Rex demo not opening on just clicking in Mobile chrome. "https://" is missing