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  1. Okay so I have found what the problem was and it might be nice to include this in the docs somewhere I think. On a editable poly in the modifier tab, there is a section called Polygon: Vertex Colors, there are 3 setting there. If the Color and Illumination colors are black the model exports black, although it is in the right color everywhere. I have changed those to white and now it exports fine. Hope this helps anyone.
  2. Hi there! I have a model in max that always exports black, I can give it every map I want or just colors it'll always export black. The model does have color in 3d builder (windows app) it just doesn't in the sandbox. Any idea? ps. I've seen that when I export the same model to obj an import that one and then apply the texture it exports correctly. flare.bin flare.gltf
  3. Here is the testscene I have tested this with the exporter and when I open it in babylonJS it works fine, the problem is when opening this in threeJS, then the texture of the emissionmap is tiled like channel1. TestScene.zip
  4. Hi there I'm trying to export to gltf with an emmision map and a AO map on channel 2, I have the normal texture mapped on channel 1. When I open the GLTF it seems to only map the emission map to channel 1, though it is set to use channel 2. Is this something to change on all the models, or should it be able to map to channel 2? Thanks!
  5. Aha okay yes I've tried this with the results you are predicting here. I've read the documentation but i thought (hoped) that I've missed something. Thanks for the info!
  6. So the remaining questions from me now are can I use the different maps by unfrapping or xform or something? and another one that will make my day a lot easier, where van I find what functions exactly will work through the exporter? I wouldn't mind loading up the VS project for that but I don't know if you've got the list as a whole. Thanks!
  7. Why I would like 2 different maps is because I'd like to use a low res pic on a terrain and put a low res tiled bump map over that to cover it up a bit. I want my scene to be as inexpensive as possible by trying out some of these type of techniques. I thought that the tiling in the map is pretty much ignored because it didn't seem to change anything in my end results, I usually set it to 1 but I must've forgotten it on this one cause it is not the scene I'm working on. I see that I wsa using an older version, thanks for the updates lol! I couldn't see the version anywhere fast, it is
  8. I have set up a test scene on github all the files used I've used are here also the max scene https://github.com/kenny1184/TestCube Try the scene out here https://kenny1184.github.io/TestCube/ When you move close to the cube you will see that the bumpmap has a low resolution on the cube while I've applied a UVW Map Channel 2 and UVW Xform with 50 tiles on UVW. (press the up arrow until you are very close to the cube to inspect the bumpmap)
  9. Hi there I'm having some trouble with some functions that you might (or might not lol) could help me with. When I open the scene properties, the option to remove the default light is not there and I like to remove it on some models. I'd like to use 2 maps that I thought was an option with the exporter but it doesn't work, I have 2 unwraps and only the first one works and it applies the same unwrap to the second map. Thanks :)
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