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  1. You download It after subscribing for free. I can't see where is a problem. Can you tell me something more about it?
  2. If you need a real tutorial you can have it for free with Gdevelop. You have to pay for some lessons on Phaser on the other hand. It nedds no coding. It has full potency. You can publish on android. It is free. Has many tutorials MIT created it!!!
  3. First nobody is crying. Second it is ridiculous not to have something to read and learn phaser. Yes I want to pay and by a book. But I don't want to purchase lessons and webinars that cost a lot of money. Third this poor guy Feronato tell him stop to post silly thinks.
  4. Thank you very much for the response to my question. I would like to ask if the income originates from the adds or purhasing the games?
  5. Did you manage to monetize the game, or it is just a great hobby?
  6. Is it true that phaser 2 examples are going to disappear as soon as phaser 3 goes on?
  7. When somebody came and learned phaser 2 Rich came and changed it to something much much more difficult. Now only the ones, that are preselected from their masters voice, will have the chance to make games. Yeah!
  8. It is discusting I fully agree! Rich take the money from mozilla and make the phaser 4, then phaser 5, then... 1000. Who care. It is all a joke!
  9. That is true. Phaser boss has nothing to do with people that are not big developpers. We others are just nothing
  10. sandbox editor on ph 2 page, can't find my online png images?
  11. makis

    Tutorial requests

    I would like to have anything new tutorial on phaser.
  12. Can I ask a question? Unreal engine is it to hard to learn it from scratch only reading and seeing free tutorials? I speak just about having fun. Is it worth the effort?
  13. Congratulations! I think doing It for self amusement is a great thing. Sometimes I feel like my energy is drenching throw the process of making a game that is all!
  14. I am with you. I agree. Online games are great! Because I can not have the pleasure to learn phaser and the reason for that it is a little obscure for me. I mean how someone with little experience on the subject can go with phaser without decent turtorials. Whithout a great book like the one I am reading on Godot. I have not a chance. Sadly. But I do have chances with svg and greensock (gsap.js). Here is my new pen!
  15. I think it is good. I have a philosophical issue: What is the reason to make a game that is time and self consuming ? These times and days, one will play with it for 2 or 3 days, 5 min/day and then forget it, in order to look for another little sweet "nothing". It just not makes sense! Do you think it is any profitable at all?
  16. For small games It is ok. But It is the apps that one has in his mind. The mobile apps.
  17. Godot has a great book that can you teach everything in 220 pages. Then billions of resources on YouTube and people that really do their best for you to make your progress. That is everything a guy wants. He studies. He gets knowledge. Phaser from the other... It has Feronato the great whith his ... books that is just a joke! It has dev forum whith advanced members that don’t give a shit for beginners. There is no way for a newbie to make a clear step. Just disappointments. Just don’t bother as. We are devs. We don't want others to come in. Its enough. Very soon I will post here my games made with godot!
  18. Since GODOT does everything that Phaser does but with greater facilitaton as well as more quickly and with great easiness and much much less effort blood and tears. Why to use phaser any more?
  19. Pretty good engine I think!
  20. Listen Unity for 3D games. It is good. But 3d it is not good at all. Unthinkfull difficult and also frustrating. Dont think about it even for one second. There is a 2d game engine that has many resources to see and read and learn it. Its name: Godot!
  21. makis

    Please help!

    Insteed of sayng things, show your face. Give a good advice about anything on Phaser 3! Eh! Do you find it difficult to do? Why?
  22. Congratulations! You are rather a pro, not a newb. No real newbie has any chance in phaser's beasty world!
  23. makis

    Please help!

    I recently read a poor guy’s sos cry! You can read it here! Hello everybody, I had some questions about getting started with phaser that might sound very stupid, but I am just getting started and I'm not sure what I'm doing. I followed the step for step installation guide but the hello world test is still not working. Please keep in mind that I'm a complete newbie, the setting up of a local server already confused me and I decided not to get into any github command line busy because the more I looked into that and tutorials about it, the scarier it got. So what I have now is brackets as my code editor, and wamp as my local server. The wamp symbol is green, so it's working. I downloaded Phaser as a JS. file, but I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put it? Does it work anywhere on my computer, should it be in the WWW folder? The step by step guide does not tell me this. I also copy and pasted their hello world code into an HTML file, placed it inside of a folder in the WWW folder, but when I go to localhost and open up the project, it does nothing. I'm at a loss. Please help me out, because I am very confused. HERE IS MY ANSWER! Stay away from that beast! You just loose time, mind, even money. Supposed you have everything fully working and reading the tutorial still you have nothing. They don't have resources to guide you towards your travel. They don’t want It. They don't allow you to have knowledge on Phaser. They feel as masters of the universe. Just leave this effort to learn Phaser beast. I am here having lost time mind money with nothing in return!
  24. My job has nothing to do with PC's or software. But I have learned photoshop after effects adobe premier html css javascript to an acceptable level the great - but killed beacause everyone could learn it - adobe flash! Also d3.js - how many great textbooks! lovely greenshock (gsap). Polite, willing people! Really, mr Rich, am I willing to learn! How could I learned all that stuff? Simple! Great resources. People who let others to learn!!! They don't deny it! As once Bacon said: 'Knowledge is power'! Keep it for you!
  25. very beginning... Here is a gap!!!! ...........very advanced! Just close the gap!