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    makis got a reaction from PBM3 in Phaser 3 book   
    Members  2 7 posts Report post     Posted 6 hours ago There is nothing to help a beginner to phaser. Even the book for phaser 3 by Emmanuelle Ferenato its not about phaser It is rather about the logic of a game that he built. The examples ok. It is like they dont want to many people understand phaser. Or May be have to pay academy for some little piece of knowledge. Really disappointed! 
    I know html javascript css jquery d3. Js but phaser has nothing for helping people want to go on! 
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    makis reacted to GoldFire in [Phaser] Exocraft - Build, Battle and Mine on a Dying Alien World   
    Sure! We don't actually have any ads on our games (we do have an offer wall on this one, though it is barely generating any revenue to be worth it, so it'll likely get removed before too long). We mostly monetize through limited edition item sales and premium currency.
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    makis reacted to GoldFire in [Phaser] Exocraft - Build, Battle and Mine on a Dying Alien World   
    GoldFire Studios started as a hobby way back in the day, but we have been a full-time business for around 7 years now. We are still very small (3 devs and 1 artist), but our games are able to support the studio.
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    makis reacted to EpicKingdom_ in Best way to learn Phaser 3?   
    Months later and I still can't learn Phaser 3, so frustrating to spend hours just to find the proper syntax or way to do something.
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    makis got a reaction from dude78 in Best way to learn Phaser 3?   
    It is discusting I fully agree! Rich take the money from mozilla and make the phaser 4, then phaser 5, then... 1000. Who care. It is all a joke! 
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    makis reacted to EpicKingdom_ in is Phaser 3 not for newbie?   
    Trying to learn Phaser 3 has been a frustrating experience,  Unity 3D might be easier to learn with all the Youtube videos and tutorials that are available.
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    makis reacted to Milton in Any reason to use phaser...   
    I think Phaser2 has a better learning curve, and resources than any other engine.
    Phaser3 is for experienced developers, I agree. Rich chooses to give the devs the option. Commercially, I think he's wrong, but that's his choice.
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    makis reacted to rich in Minako Vs Zombies - New Phaser Game   
    Well that looks great!
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    makis got a reaction from Danielpok in Tutorial requests   
    Look man! There are people like me that are in need for something as simple as first steps of a baby. We are unaware of Phaser, and the examples are an advanced place to be!
    Can you imagine the features of Phaser that would be an easy beginning for beginners?
    If the purpose of your tutorials is to share knowledge with others of your advanced level in coding and gaming do so. But there is no need for that. There are examples and the api documentation that can help them.
    I have learned by myself javascript, html, css and you know what? It is the easyness of W3SCHOOL and other resources that make it happend. D3.js is not an easy thing but I have learned it. Because there are sources gor beginners. Not for dummies. Neither for developpers. Just for us decent people who like to learn coding by themselves.
    I take you from level zero and together we are going to level 10! Can you make something like that?
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    makis reacted to EpicKingdom_ in How should i learn Phaser.Io?   
    I agree, it is extremely annoying trying to learn this framework.

    I might just focus on learning Unity instead since there are so many people using it.
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    makis reacted to WombatTurkey in No Phaser any more!!!   
    I'm not being hostile at all man. I was just trying to say, Phaser gives you the tools / foundation for the job. And it does it well, it's your job as a game developer to use those tools and take your game to the next level  
    Was not my intention at being hostile at all.. if it came off that way I apologize. 
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    makis reacted to WombatTurkey in No Phaser any more!!!   
    Then it's your job to take the game to the next level.  
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    makis reacted to Yehuda Katz in No Phaser any more!!!   
    @makis actually if you compare svg vs png, I would say svg is much better  However, it's all about how you keep your resources. The downside of svg is that it requires CPU to get rendered, that's why it's not activly used. Game developers even trying to reduce transparen pixels in sprite (png image) by using triangular polygons (unfortunately phaserdoes not support them yet). Anyway, Phaser looks way complicated and difficult untill you spend at least half/one year with it.
    BTW here is the creator of PhaserEditor @PhaserEditor2D. It's kind of GameMaker but simpler and uses Phaser. The advantage of Phaser vs GameMaker is that it uses JS, which has tons of Q/A on stackoverflow. There is also mightyeditor... it looks awesome from demo videos but I personally never used it. I prefer custom/own editors/solutions, simply because I can easily change/upgrade them at any time. However, GameMaker is almost only GUI... that's not acceptable for real game developers but could be a good start for you.
    I am learning all editors and technologies to get the best out of each but since game development is not your job and just a hobby, start with gui and once it will not be enought, switch to technology which requires more codding
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    makis reacted to quiphop in No Phaser any more!!!   
    Do not use Phaser if you don't like it. Simple...
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    makis reacted to Yehuda Katz in No Phaser any more!!!   
    Oh... in that case you should give a try to GameMaker. Almost everything can be done only visually and they have great video tutorials. I have no idea how good you are with software development but anyway you will enjoy this game on your mobile/table There is also much more complicated game on Steam... you can write pretty nice games using only your imagination and finger. If you are really interested just let me know and I will search for it.
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    makis reacted to Tixxi in phaser editor yes or not?   
    I found that using Phaser Editor really helped me make my first game in Phaser 2. I then switched over to Phaser 3 and had to go through it without the editor, and I am kinda glad I did. I now understand how it all works a bit better.
    With that being said though, when Phaser Editor comes out for Phaser 3, I will probably purchase and use it just because anything that makes my work go faster is a good thing for me. And designing levels using just the code took me waaaaay too long!
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    makis reacted to Yehuda Katz in No Phaser any more!!!   
    You are right... actually your mistake was to select Phaser3 while it's under active development. I could assure you that even Phaser2 has lots of bugs but you can deal with most of them (amazon has couple of interesting books).
    If you want to be a good game developer you need time (at least couple of years). Learn Phaser, GameMaker, Unity, Defold to get the best out of their tools because finally you will end up creating your own engine.
    Once you spend enough time with Phaser you will understand that it's all about: sprite and group 😃 plus simple physics.
    However, if you are new to game development, starting with PIXI is something like starting with Assembler (who remembers it now?) while you are still unfamiliar with C.
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    makis reacted to Jerorx in Tutorial requests   
    @makisI see. I agree with you that the examples may not always be 100% crystal clear. However, as far as I am concerned, being already relatively experienced with Phaser 3 makes it a bit difficult for me to figure out which ones are the less helpful for beginners. Could you maybe post here a list of the Phaser 3 examples for which you'd like to see more detailed comments and documentation (à la w3schools)? Posting such a list here could have two benefits:
    - Some people could make pull requests adding comments to the problematic examples;
    - Some people/me could decide to focus on some of them and elaborate them into tutorials/demos
    I think you make valid points, but I need more specific targets to help motivate me to get started on new tutorials.
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    makis reacted to Jerorx in Tutorial requests   
    Do you mean for example something like this tutorial from Rich? Or something different?
    In any case this is a good idea and I'll think about small projects that could lend themselves to that.  Hopefully, others will as well. I'll update the first post.
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    makis reacted to PhaserEditor2D in Better learn phaser 2!   
    Hi @makis
    If you do not have experience making games, with Phaser or any other tool, it should be useful for you to learn Phaser 2 with books.
    I think to learn Phaser 3 you can:
    - Mess with the Phaser 3 examples.
    - Read all the Phaser World issues of the last year.
    - Ask for help here when you don't get something.
    - Look into the Phaser 3 code
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    makis reacted to Jerorx in Tutorial requests   
    I think it would indeed be welcome, I've seen many people asking for that on Slack. I myself am not as proficient with scenes as I'd like to be. I have added your suggestion to the list in the first post. I'll also start looking into it a bit more seriously and may then write something on it! (If others know about good resources about this, feel free to share them here).
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    makis reacted to Jerorx in Tutorial requests   
    I have written a few tutorials in the past, and would be interested in doing so again. But I'm only one among many other people who regularly make tutorials. With that in mind, I thought a "tutorial requests" topic could be a good idea, allowing people to come by and mention what they would be interested in seeing a (Phaser 3) tutorial or small open-source demo about. Similarly, tutorial makers could also drop by and test the waters by proposing tutorials ideas that they have, but aren't sure if there would be significant interest or not.
    For example, someone could come and ask for a minimap tutorial (it's an example, I'm aware there is already an official example for that), which could be picked upon by me or some other tutorial maker. I want to stress that this list is destined to anyone who is looking for tutorial ideas, not just me!
    To make it more usable, I will update this initial post regularly to display a summary of the requests posted in the topic. I'll also add links to tutorials addressing the demands, marking them as "done", but additional tutorials on a given topic are always welcome and will be added! In particular, if an existing tutorial doesn't fully meet your expectations, feel free to request another one by pointing out what is missing.
    I hope this will be valuable for as many people as possible
    Pending requests:
    A Phaser 3 version of the cloud platform tutorial, in particular the physics An introductory tutorial on shaders, for example applied to light effects or visual distortions Best practices regarding the proper use and combination of scenes (for menus, game over, ...) Creating save files using localStorage: done, available here. How to make a text-based adventure (like 80 days, Sorcery, the Banner Saga) How to make a grid-based movement system (using keyboard, not click-to-move) Making a game with Phaser and Cordova: done,  check out this tutorial. Making levels for Phaser with Tiled: done, check this out as well as the full series it belongs to. Tutorials on the basics and how to get started with simple projects  
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    makis reacted to samme in KEYBOARD EVENTS   
    Phaser.Scenes.ScenePlugin#pause Phaser.Scenes.ScenePlugin#run
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    makis reacted to drhayes in PointerEvents?   
    BTW: Are those little Donald Trump heads? 'Cuz that's hilarious.
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    makis reacted to ol-web in Phaser 3 book   
    Phaser 3 is still pretty new. You need to give it time before the community grows around it and books/courses/tutorials etc. are made.