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  1. What exactly are you looking for, someone to help with the game mechanics?
  2. Hey, I am Tar van Krieken and I am working on a simple 2d game with a friend of mine. Neither of us are particularly good at graphics however, so we are looking for someone that can create some 2d textures for us and help with the style and theming of the game. We will require sprite animations for entities that walk around and do some other things, as well as textures for blocks and other things in the world. None of the graphics have been done, so it would be entirely up to you. I don't want to give away too much information about the game yet. It is not really a secret, but I would rather not have it on a public forum before we can finish it anyhow. It is roughly a 2d puzzle game similar to lemmings. I don't mind whether it has a pixelated style or not, but I have been working on some things to give the game a 3d feel despite being 2d, so it will have to fit that. Here is a video of some tests I have been doing: https://puu.sh/Bi2bS/e442b24781.mp4 . It makes use of normal maps to create semi 3d lighting, together with shadows that I have been working on: https://github.com/TarVK/pixi-shadows . I can explain how normal maps work if you are interesting in collaborating and don't know this yourself yet. Some of my other work can be found here: https://github.com/TarVK http://ludumdare.com/compo/author/thegunmaster/ As can be understood from this being in the 'unpaid' section, I am not willing to pay anything for the work. After the game is done we will have to decide where to publish it however, so if it turns out we make any money off of it, these profits will be shared of course. But that is a rather unlikely scenario, it will probably end up somewhere for free. Let me know if you are interested in working together, please link me some of your work, and then maybe we can get in touch
  3. Hey, it has been a while since you posted this, but are you still looking for something? I am currently looking for somebody to help with 2d frame by frame animations for characters as well as just static sprites for objects. Let me know if this post is still relevant, if so I will give some more details.
  4. Hey, I am looking for some help with graphics (read somebody to do all the graphics :P ). I am working on a simple 2d puzzle game, I am planning on giving it a bit of a 3d feel tbough by using these mechanics: https://github.com/TarVK/pixi-shadows. So basically by adding shadows and a normal map to otherwise 2d graphics. I am not sure if this would work well with a pixelated look, that's also something for you to judge if interested. Here is a little demo of the 3d effect: https://puu.sh/BhyYo/5ddd5419f1.mp4. Let me know if you are interested to help, then we could discuss the idea further (The gameplay itself is already largely planned, but not the theming).