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  1. Hi, I'm working with Babylon.js to make a Facebook Instant Game and I was wondering if this issue happened to someone before me. My main object is a ball that I want to kick. My problem is that it always displays in front of all my other meshes. For example, if the ball lands behind a tree, the ball will appear above the tree in the screen. I used to work with rendering groups and have my ball be in the fourth group (renderingGroup = 3). I now know that this group appears above everything else. Consequently, I tried removing all the rendering group from every mesh but the issue still appears, the ball displays before everything else. Is there some configuration I should make in Babylon.js so that every mesh displays according to their 3D position? Best regards!
  2. Hi, I wanted to know if someone ever faced difficulties using Babylon.js to make Facebook Instant Games. When I boot my game using a custom python server, the games run well and is very fluid. However, when I start my game on Messenger App using the same build (uploaded to the Facebook Developer Platform), the game starts to lag, and has continuous lag spikes. My issue only happens with Messenger App, does not happen with Messenger in Chrome or Facebook. Anyone has an idea? Best regards!