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  1. Thanks for the help, The problem was indeed a fault with the vertex transparency in Max. The alpha value was 100,0 but if the value was something else before and is set back to 100 Max doesn't always see that alpha 100 is not transparent, maybe an invisible rounding error. solutions I found editing the babylon file in a text editor and set the property hasVertexAlpha to false (for error finding only) export the mesh as an OBJ and import it again in Max export as a glTF file instead of .babylon, for some reason this didn't gives the transparancy problem
  2. Hello all, I am trying to learn Babylon.js by making a simple game. But I have a problem. Some of the tiles I drew in Max2017 export wrong to babylon.js. Export to Substance Painter using a .FBX works and gives no problems. They are simple models and I don't see any faults, I have attached an image how it looks in Max and made a playground how it looks in Babylon.js, at some angles you can see through the faces to see the parts behind it. Can anybody see what I am doing wrong?