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  1. I liked gameplay, nice sounds, but graphics is not so good. If you can effort buy some graphics or hire GFX designer!
  2. Can you share any game, or sounds that you recorded to it. Also did you edited sounds after recording, for example noise reduction and echo cancellation?
  3. Hi folks, I want to buy mic for recording some sound fx and voices for our characters. Budget is under 300$. What you recommends? I know that there is bunch of videos on youtube about it, but i need it for game sound fx, so i think it is correct place to ask about it. Thanks!🎤
  4. Hi devs, This is my first post in this forum, because i am new on HTML5, but have a huge experience on mobile gamedev industry. So i need you advice, is that UI good for Web game? or i need to change something? I will appreciate any advice! Thanks!
  5. If you mean 2d graphics, there is bunch of them: Best of them: https://graphicriver.net/game-assets https://www.shutterstock.com Others: http://www.supergameasset.com/ https://www.scirra.com/store/royalty-free-graphics https://www.gamedevmarket.net/ https://graphicmama.com/ https://www.gameart2d.com/ http://graphicsforgames.com/ https://www.gamedevmarket.net/category/2d/
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