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  1. Does anyone know what phones they use to test applications before they are approved? For example model
  2. Is it just waiting or should we do something else for that verification? But we already have the game launched for months and we already have people playing, the only thing that we are waiting for the validation of the bot so we can send users reminder messages.
  3. APP ID : 1915555908738471 This is what the image says: Thank you for submitting your application for revision. We will inform you when the process has been completed. To make changes to this request, click on the "Cancel send" button
  4. Hello, does anyone know how long the webhook bot messaging review takes? My application has been accepted since November but the bot messaging has been running since 11/21/18 with the status under review and has not yet received any news.
  5. look socket.io, that will help you with what you want to do, I've used it for the multiplayer of my game
  6. Hello, I'm doing tests with playfab, when I use the LoginWithFacebookInstantGamesId in the postman program I get this error: I also included it in my project to see if it was something from the postman and it gives me an error of the CORS. This is the code I use to get the Facebook Instant Games Signature
  7. I already got it, thanks for your reply
  8. The problem is that touch.end does not work very well on iphone, put a time limit for example
  9. Hi, I have a server, I have created a node.js server to create the webhook, I create the SSL and the HTTPS protocol works, but when it comes to putting the url on Facebook, it gives me these errors The URL could not be validated Callback verification failed with the following errors: curl_errno = 60; curl_error = ssl certificate problem: self signed certificate; http status code = 200; http message = connection established.
  10. I had the same problem with IOS devices, we have to find another method to simulate the touch start
  11. Did you try using adobe photoshop to change the size of the image?
  12. I think I found the problem, it's a dictionary problem
  13. Hello, this is the second time I have sent the game to review and it is the second time that the review staff tells me that the game looks blank, but I have tested on several IOS and Android devices and it works, and with different accounts of partners . Does anyone know why this happens?
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