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  1. In PixiJs V5 this is how to achieve nearest neighbour scale mode: PIXI.settings.SCALE_MODE = PIXI.SCALE_MODES.NEAREST;
  2. You can add matter.js bodies to phaser containers in phaser 3 this way: let container = scene.add.container(x, y); let matterEnabledContainer = scene.matter.add.gameObject(this.container); let matterBody = ... // setup matter.js-body matterEnabledContainer.setExistingBody(matterBody);
  3. I ran across the same issue last night when trying to read collision-shapes from Tiled in phaser. I wrote a quick fix to phaser 3. Replacing method getTileData with the code below enables Phaser 3 to read the new syntax of Tiled-generated json-files. I'll post it to github so that it'll get fixed in the official phaser release. getTileData: function (tileIndex) { if (!this.containsTileIndex(tileIndex)) { return null; } if(!this.tileIndexMap){ this.tileIndexMap = {}; for(var i = 0; i < this.tileData.length; i++){ this.tileIndexMap[this.tileData[i]['id']] = this.tileData[i]; } } return this.tileIndexMap[tileIndex - this.firstgid]; // Old: //return this.tileData[tileIndex - this.firstgid]; },