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  1. Hi @Kroonax it seems you message went through! I'll just leave here the link to the thread in GitHub for anyone to check: https://github.com/damian-pastorini/reldens/issues/38 Again I really appreciate your input and interest on the project! Best, Damian PS For anyone interested in test the last updates on the project please check: https://github.com/damian-pastorini/reldens/tree/v4.0.0-npm-setup-v1 And then follow: https://github.com/damian-pastorini/reldens/wiki/V4-NPM-Ready
  2. Hi everyone! Just to keep this post updated, v4 is going to be available on NPM, the way the platform could be implemented and installed will change lot. We will have a default theme for your to easily start a new project where you will find examples on how to do a lot of stuff. The V4 will also include a lot of new features not available in V3, so here's a small video to show you what you will get from the current branch: As always any feedback will be welcome!
  3. hi @cpu_sam, I've recommend you to check on v4 code, https://github.com/damian-pastorini/reldens/tree/v4.0.0 and join the discord channel if you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer https://discord.gg/HuJMxUY Best,
  4. Hi everyone! Just re-found this post and decided to keep it updated. My old MMORPG platform is taking great shape! I've put it a new name I like "Reldens", and started to publish in a new repo: https://github.com/damian-pastorini/reldens The current release is v3.1.2, it has a lot of improvements and more features than the initial version published in this post, between the improvements: - Full server physics as authority for every action. - New graphics set. - Better TiledMaps handlers which are used in the server side to create all the required objects using a few name conventions. - Full chat implementation, with global, private and room chat. - Basic players stats. You can find the current docs here: https://github.com/damian-pastorini/reldens/wiki And the demo: https://dev.reldens.com/ At this point version 3.x will be the last one since the new coming v4.0.0 has huge changes! The entire architecture was modified, the code was optimized a lot and tons of new features will be included: https://github.com/damian-pastorini/reldens/tree/v4.0.0 I hope you like it!
  5. Hi @presidenten , that's even more overhead on the server, for that matter I would use just headless Phaser but now I'm looking into just get the physics from it to validate actions. P2js looks as a good option but is been a bit complex to understand for me so far. I'll be posting as soon I get something good working. Best,
  6. I know I look crazy posting and replying but, ok, it seems Phaser on server side is not the best option (long and really old post): Best,
  7. A few more notes: I'm looking to validate players position, since speed values could be changed on client side, to get for example a faster player or a faster attack, also collisions, to validate range attacks, titled maps walking areas, etc. I know I could find other solutions to avoid use a full Phaser instance on server side (I mean not using Phaser), since I'm already loading scenes data from the DB. So, I could for example validate the walk area on the map, or when to change scenes (in my case maps), but since Phaser has all these already "calculated" I though that could be easier to re-use the game and scenes instances. Doing some research I recently found the following: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/20587-how-to-make-a-phaser-game-running-on-the-server-side/ > but here none recommends to use Phaser on server side. https://medium.com/@16patsle/running-phaser-3-on-the-server-4c0d09ffd5e6 > and so far I wasn't able to make this second example work as I need (still getting Phaser issues while trying to create a HEADLESS game instance). I've also found that I could use http://zombie.js.org but again looks like an overload of work / server resources to just get positions, collisions, etc, which are all pretty basic features.
  8. Hi everyone, I was looking for some info about this but didn't find any so far... Does anyone had worked with Phaser 3 on the server side? What I'm looking for is to move scenes logic on the server to avoid client side hacks. I've tried to create a Phaser game instance on the server but I'm getting a lot of errors like "window not defined"' and so, since it all the code seems to be deeply related to the browser. Maybe I can call just the scenes or the physics classes? Any recommendations will be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Hi @Wavertron, almost all the other implementations I saw were made with plain Socket.io / WebSockets, and all the sessions handlers and states sync were done "manually", which I was preferring to avoid. Another options I saw were: - Pomelo, but last update was 2 years ago... https://github.com/NetEase/pomelo - ActionHero: https://github.com/actionhero/actionhero But Colyseus looked easier and cleanest. Do you recommend any other? Best,
  10. Hi @mattstyles, I've just published my first "working" base for the game: Best, Damian
  11. Hi everyone! Before anything I wasn't sure if this was the correct place to post this, please moderators move it as you consider if this should go to some other place like Projects and Demos. https://github.com/damian-pastorini/dwdgame Also, please consider that this is my first implementation ever! I've never used neither Node.js, even less Parcel, Colyseus or Phaser, my world before this first incursion in game development was all about PHP and Magento, so that should give you an idea from where I'm coming. This quite awful but working example took me 75hs, including the time I've used for research and for decide which platform use for the server and the client. After all the research, Node + Colyseus and Phaser 3 looked as the better start point since I was familiar with JS and HTML of course but had zero knowledge about Unity (the other option I would like to use), but I've prefered make the learn curve not so slow. So.... This is a really simple base MMORPG game created based on the Colyseus samples: https://github.com/gamestdio/colyseus-examples And on the Phaser 3 implementation from Jacky Rusly: https://github.com/jackyrusly/jrgame As you will see I've considerable modified how the jrgame was interacting with Socket.io in order to make it works as how the Colyseus example was working, I've thought that was the better way to do it (follow up on server ready samples and break apart the client sorry Jacky!) The game basics are login through DB, loader, scene change, players sync, but nothing like chat, items, or attacks was implemented here (so far). Here's the link to the repo: https://github.com/damian-pastorini/dwdgame Please feel free to create any tickets or pull requests for questions, fixes or improvements, I would love to get good feedback! I don't have a public link to show it yet but I'm planning to create a dev server soon (for now you will need to install it and run it to see it), at the end it will look like: https://jrgame.herokuapp.com But you will see the login screen first which in the server side will connect to the DB and all the players sync was done with Colyseus. I saw comments from people looking for Colyseus integrated with a DB engine (in this case I've chosen MySQL), so at least that part should be useful. I really hope this help more than one person, maybe someone like me who would love to get this as starting point. Best, Damian Reply
  12. Well... I'm using Parcel but I think it's for rebuild Phaser itself but to rebuild the code I use that implements Phaser. I'll share with you the game-base once it's relative working (is a Colyseus + MySQL + Phaser 3 implementation for a MMORPG), hopefully I will get some feedback as good as yours Thanks both!
  13. Hi everyone, My name is Damian, I'm new in Phaser. I was working with a code sample that has the following: <script> const WEBGL_RENDERER = true; const CANVAS_RENDERER = true; </script> <script type="text/javascript" src="./client.js"></script> I'm really not sure for what are the const's, I'm working in a "2d-titled" game and nothing changes if I comment both. Any recommendations or clue about if I should keep them and why? Thanks!
  14. Hi @Pave, I'm new into Phaser but maybe you can check this example: https://github.com/jackyrusly/jrgame There's a "direction" parameter sent, is that what you are looking for? Best
  15. Hi @farhan, I'm not Phaser expert (actually, 2 weeks with it ), but I'm having issues using load.spritsheet, and in the middle of debugging saw something that maybe will help you: In the preload method you could try by using the "baseUrl" attribute, like: preload(){ this.load.baseURL = 'http://external-url.com/'; } Give it a try it may work, I'm doing the same to see if that fix my issues