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  1. Greetings folks, Here is another match 3 game this time crossed with an rts style game. Puzzle Quest Armageddon
  2. Greetings. I have started work on this match 3 game. Note you click the join between tiles to swap them. The object is to clear the monsters on the right hand side of the screen by eliminating tiles on the left. https://www.mattiesgames.com/playgames.php
  3. Other players also appear on the world map if they are around...
  4. More screenshots.... Game can be played on mattiesgames.com or on a variety of portals.
  5. Ahh I get it. I didn't see the instructions before. Much easier.
  6. Lots of games. Web site only shows two rows at a time though on my tablet screen.
  7. It's a good game. I quite liked it. Instructions easy to follow. Interface simple. Rules seemed to be easy enough to learn too. Music fits quite nicely.
  8. Greetings. I loaded it up on my tablet. The 3d view of the maze came up but I could not do anything. I tapped all over the screen and nothing moved. Then a coloured grid appeared overlaid but I had no effect on tapping that either. Sorry. Otherwise the 3d scene is neat enough.
  9. I felt like trying it out. The art is very well done. I received between 5 and 6 advertisements in the space of 2 minutes. That seems a lot?
  10. Looks interesting but I cannot play on my tablet as it looks like this:
  11. It looks pretty. I found the turning circle a bit wide for my liking but I've not played others in the genre so I don't know if that is normal. Pretty colours though.
  12. Oh...an interface point: When I first was on the character select screen I tapped the characters faces and nothing happened, I had to touch the button underneath. Perhaps detecting mouse input on the face is also important, it wasnt clear to me that the buttons were the only clickable part. Also repeating the word 'select' across the display, once per character, probably could be made to be more visually appealing. Perhaps no word at all?
  13. Good day. I just tried with chrome browser on my Samsung Tablet 10 inch (reasonably new, bought in sept 2018). It looks fancy, the game, but I could not move properly on the map. Using the supplied dpad control in the lower left of screen it would move erratically. I could hold my finger on it for ages and move it about and sometimes the characters would move in a random direction but mostly they stood still.
  14. It works on mobile/tablet and looks nice. Love the voiceover in the intro.
  15. It's a very good game. I liked it. I got to about level 12 in one session.
  16. Trailer has a nice look, sound and feel to it.
  17. Greetings. I've been working on a browser game called Warlock. In it you take a character over a fantasy world and delve into dungeons, fight monsters, complete quests and so on. There is a simple story line, some baddies are coming to corrupt and destroy the map at a point in the future. There are two modes, quest or campaign mode and arcade mode. Arcade mode is pure dungeon crawl. Quest mode allows saving of progress and involves an overworld map, towns and npcs to engage with. The link is on my website on the games tab. http
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