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  1. Thanks to both of you! Now it works perfectly. I thought that Aseprite's animations format was the same as TexturePacker's, that was the problem I had. However, VScode still doesn´t show code suggestions for either Spritesheet.js, AnimatedSprite.js. I installed node.js on my computer and performed "npm install --save pixi.js". My package.json file shows the latest stable version, so I don´t know what I did wrong. "pixi.js": "^4.8.2"
  2. What a useful tool! https://pixiplayground.com/#/edit/uX4ioEwjSYJS0bpMTATk7 I don´t know if I have embedded both the spriteSheet.json and spriteSheet.png links . The browser's console gives the same error as the one on my compturer.
  3. I feel like I didn't specify on my issue on the original message, I've just modified it to attach pictures so that my problem is shown properly.
  4. Hi, I am complete beginner with JavaScript and pixi.js. I've been learning these days the basics (sprites, shapes, text, buttons...) following the tutorial on the GitHub page. I was planning to use now animated sprites (using a sprite sheet) and found this on the documentation for the version I'm using (v4.8.2). That page contains a piece of code that doesn´t work on my project, and it is not recognised by vscode's intellisense either. // The more efficient and simpler way to create an animated sprite is using a {@link PIXI.Spritesheet} // containing the animation definitions: PIXI.load
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