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  1. Hi, I want to detect collision between two sprites. So, as I understood, it means that I should detect collision between two polygons. How I can get sprite edge points? Or maybe another way exists?
  2. Solution is to get page long live token:
  3. @b10bNow I have app secret key, client key, key getted from and node js with crypto-js. Can you show some code on JS how to get appsecr´╗┐et_proof from this ingredients? I will really happy to get it
  4. Hi, I'm trying to reset leaderboard by sending request:[APP_ID]/leaderboards_reset?name=[LEADERBOARD_NAME]&reset_time=[TIME]&access_token=[ACCESS_TOKEN] But I can't understand how can I get required access token on server part. Now I'm getting it on this page:{application-id}&version=v3.2 (GET TOKEN). But this token has 1 hour live
  5. @Noel thank you for answer. Maybe you know how many time I should wait before?
  6. Hi, very often ads loading throws error: ADS_FREQUENT_LOAD, with msg: Ads loaded too frequently. How many ads can I show for user per hour? Is this error blocks ads for all users, or only for one user?
  7. I think these games have a huge virality. And as I know more than 90 percent of the players in this games are women, I think it is vary profitable for facebook.
  8. Do you know how the platform decides what kind of board it shows?
  9. How to display friends on the "Playing with friends" board in FB messenger like on the screenshot? Because on other game only game name is shown.
  10. All these methods didn't work for me. text: { default: 'my text' } // text: 'my text' // text: { default: 'my text', localizations: {} }
  11. @Noel thank you for answer. My task is to display message on English for all users regardless of the location. My solution now is: const locales = ['ak_GH','am_ET','ar_AR','as_IN','ay_BO','az_AZ','be_BY','bg_BG','bn_IN','bp_IN','br_FR','bs_BA','ca_ES','cb_IQ','ck_US','co_FR','cs_CZ','cx_PH','cy_GB','da_DK','de_DE','el_GR','en_GB','en_PI','en_UD','en_US','eo_EO','es_ES','es_LA','es_MX','et_EE','eu_ES','fa_IR','fb_LT','ff_NG','fi_FI','fo_FO','fr_CA','fr_FR','fy_NL','ga_IE','gl_ES','gn_PY','gu_IN','gx_GR','ha_NG','he_IL','hi_IN','hr_HR','ht_HT','hu_HU','hy_AM','id_ID','ig_NG','is_IS','it_IT','ja_JP','ja_KS','jv_ID','ka_GE','kk_KZ','km_KH','kn_IN','ko_KR','ks_IN','ku_TR','ky_KG','la_VA','lg_UG','li_NL','ln_CD','lo_LA','lt_LT','lv_LV','mg_MG','mi_NZ','mk_MK','ml_IN','mn_MN','mr_IN','ms_MY','mt_MT','my_MM','nb_NO','nd_ZW','ne_NP','nl_BE','nl_NL','nn_NO','nr_ZA','ns_ZA','ny_MW','or_IN','pa_IN','pl_PL','ps_AF','pt_BR','pt_PT','qc_GT','qu_PE','qz_MM','rm_CH','ro_RO','ru_RU','rw_RW','sa_IN','sc_IT','se_NO','si_LK','sk_SK','sl_SI','sn_ZW','so_SO','sq_AL','sr_RS','ss_SZ','st_ZA','sv_SE','sw_KE','sy_SY','sz_PL','ta_IN','te_IN','tg_TJ','th_TH','tk_TM','tl_PH','tl_ST','tn_BW','tr_TR','ts_ZA','tt_RU','tz_MA','uk_UA','ur_PK','uz_UZ','ve_ZA','vi_VN','wo_SN','xh_ZA','yi_DE','yo_NG','zh_CN','zh_HK','zh_TW','zu_ZA','zz_TR']; const text = 'My text'; { localizations: locales.reduce((prev, cur) => { prev[cur] = text; return prev; }, {}) }
  12. I'm trying to send custom update, but default text field doesn't work. Text replased by standart facebook plug. How can I specify standart text if no localization found? FBInstant.updateAsync({ action: 'CUSTOM', cta: 'Play', image: imgBase64, text: { default: 'DEFAULT text', localizations: { en_US: 'US text', } }, template: 'INVASION', data: {}, strategy: 'IMMEDIATE', notification: 'NO_PUSH', }) .catch(err => console.error(err));
  13. Hi guys, I'm trying to run demo game (tic tac toe). But something is going wrong. I uploaded server part on the Heroku, Client on the facebook, but when I'm trying to run game, gameplay doesn't load, only squares. How to debug errors, or how to set up this app?