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    Job Description
    Our ideal candidate will be performance driven; someone who is always looking to improve their development skills, be it in JS applications, user experience, code, or platform technology. They will be ethical, innovative, and highly motivated.
    This is a contract based position for a 2-3 month term that may be then eligible for renewal depending on our needs and your fit with our team
    Position Requirements:
    Education & Experience
    At least 3 years Phaser experience Competency in Phaser 2 CE At least 5 years experience Javascript Proof of work for at least 2 live projects where we can view the project and code Tech Skills
    Advanced use of HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery Experience with Git / version control systems Competency in project staging Strong skills with Adobe Photoshop, typography, and design principles Knowledge and application of UX principles Working in a team setting Key Responsibilities
    Develop Phaser, JS, and HTML5 games under the direction of our CTO Troubleshooting existing bugs and applying patches Delivering estimates with accuracy to admin staff Work on a distributed virtual team with minimal direct, face-to-face interaction with co-workers and clients Compensation
    Pay structure is hourly, and depends on experience. Some consideration will be given to project-based pay over hourly, based on estimates by the contractor.
    To apply, contact chris(at) with “Canadian Phaser Javascript Games Developer” in the subject header. Include a resume with related experience only, along with three related references. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted.