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  1. @Deltakosh thank you for your response. @Wingnut When I speak of "Mission Critical"... I am not referring to a hosted website solution that is being updated. I am referring to a client who approaches me with a request to create a "new" application, with a short turnaround, that has a "absolute deadline" for when it must be done: e.g. They want to use my application at a trade show event, or they have a major sales presentation with one of their customers that is scheduled. As a business owner, I am then putting my reputation on the line for getting the application up and running for them as promised... i.e. and knowing that I can open a "support ticket" with the organization that creates or manages the software (and also being able to "set the level of urgency")… will help give me the insurance going into the project, that I can deliver as promised. In my years of software development... and the platforms I have worked with, I have always had an account setup (i.e. with the organization that created the software)… where a support ticket can be opened... and I will know for certain from them, whether or not their software supports what I need to do, if it is a bug in their code, etc. And, I once recall making a push to use some open source code in one of our products... and the VP of the company said absolutely not... i.e. because it did not provide professional level support. I now understand his point. Anyhow, I believe we have pretty much exhausted this topic, I wish to thank Deltakosh once again for chiming in on the conversation. It is promising to see the statistic that most forum discussions are solved within a 20 hr period. And, regarding a 3rd party support system... that could be a fall back if one were moving ahead with open source project work... however, where do they then turn to confirm a newly discovered bug in the source code?
  2. Okay, understood. Microsoft is currently using it for production level work on a site they own i.e and since their employees created it as a "side project", I would assume it gives them a legal right to license it as a product if they choose to do so... i.e. since any intellectual property created by their employees, should be owned by them. Anyhow, I am not saying to eliminate the "free" product offering... I am saying it would be nice if they offered something similar to what Unity does... i.e. Free, Plus, and Pro accounts. That said, the risk I am mentioning about a public forum... is a time and quality factor. i.e. if you are on a mission critical project with a client, you cannot sit around and wait for a "possible" response... and then do a trial and error to see if it will work. I like forums as much as the next guy for their value when time is on your side… however, when doing business and have critical deadlines to meet... you need to be able to open up a ticket and have it resolved within 24-48 hours.
  3. Hello, I started this topic in the "General" game dev section by mistake... hoping somebody might provide some insight?
  4. I guess the answer to my question for this post is "No"... i.e. Babylon.js currently appears to only be an experimental, open source, game development platform created by Microsoft employees. I am truly impressed by the quality and responsiveness of its apps, and the lightweight WebGL deployments versus Unity 3D WebGL. I also like its performance within the site… and wish Microsoft offered a similar private SaaS cloud solution… i.e. versus only the public post. I wanted to use this as the primary platform for my business… but cannot risk having to rely on a forum for answers to questions. Hoping the day will come when Microsoft offers a Pro subscription of this product. However, for the moment, I am back to using my Unity Pro account… i.e. which does of course provide support for mission critical projects.
  5. @Deltakosh would you please have an answer to these questions I opened... i.e. or could recommend somebody at Microsoft who might know?
  6. Can anyone tell me if professional support is available for Babylon.js? e.g. where one can purchase a subscription from Microsoft in order to open a ticket and have issues solved. And if not, does anyone know of any private organizations or service providers who are experts in the framework? i.e. which will provide support and/or consulting in it's use.
  7. I solved the issue of being able to open a *.glb file on a local drive. Placing Babylon.viewer.js and part.glb within the same folder and referencing directly as shown below in the snippet (i.e. with no folder path specification) it works. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en" xmlns=""> <head> <title>Babylon.js Viewer - Display a 3D model</title> <!-- <script src=""></script> --> <script src="babylon.viewer.js"></script> </head> <body> <!-- <babylon model="" templates.main.params.fill-screen="true"></babylon> --> <babylon model="part2.glb" templates.main.params.fill-screen="true"></babylon> </body> </html>
  8. @deltakosh thank you for the suggestion... here is the error it is displaying: BJS - [16:28:19]: Load Error: There was an error loading the model. Unable to import meshes from //part2.glb: Failed to load scene. Note: As I mentioned in my original post... the model works fine to display locally in the Mixed Reality viewer in Windows 10 and also up in Remix 3D community models page.
  9. @devAxeon thank you for the suggestion... however, I still get the same error with the file placed on a web server with a relative path.
  10. Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to load a *.glb file off a local drive with Babylon.viewer.js? Note: I have a valid glb file I named part2.glb... and it works fine to display locally in the Mixed Reality viewer in Windows 10... and also up in Remix 3D community models page. However, when I try to open it off a local drive with the simple 2 line HTML syntax (see below) I receive an error in the browser page display "Error loading the model". <head> <title>Babylon.js Viewer - Display a 3D model</title> <!-- <script src=""></script> --> <script src="C:\Babylon.js\Babylon.js-master\dist\viewer\babylon.viewer.js"></script> </head> <body> <!-- <babylon model="" templates.main.params.fill-screen="true"></babylon> --> <babylon model="C:\part2.glb" templates.main.params.fill-screen="true"></babylon> --> </body>