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  1. Hello guys, I want to create native game for both IOS and Android and I want to use React Native for that purpose. But I want to use Phaser 3 for the game main scene. For instance BlackJack, I want to have deck and animations on phaser 3 and other parts in react native. A question is it possible ? any advice hw to deal with this problme. Or anyone had such experience, what will be your advice ?
  2. Hi guys, how can I change animation frameRate after building an animation, for example I have a timer which is a sprite and I want to change the frameRate of this anim after first round.
  3. @wclarkson that is like my solution, thanks your answer was very helpfull
  4. @wclarkson Probably it's not a solution because I want to start timer every time when I want to. But Loop will execute the timer in X times and nothing more
  5. Hi guys want to create a timer via phaser 3 for my game and everything is working fine for first time when event is called but I can't call start timer one more time when event is fired already. Can you please explain, can I use timerEvent.reset() and how correctly use it or is there another solution for that? (Players timer should start when it is his turn)
  6. @Telinc1 thanks bro it helped, I also have used phaser's time class everything is working fine.
  7. Hi guys who has experience with the drawing a timer in phaser 3, who can help ? what type of tools can I use ? Timer should look like this .
  8. @rich but what about pointerover ? Can I limit the number ov invoked events to 1 in a particular area
  9. Hi guys, how can I make less sensitive mouse pointer on pointerup, or pointerdown ? For example when I move the mouse up to draggable elements It calles the same event few times but I want it to be one time, the same situation is on pointerdown I want to call this event only one time!
  10. @Danielpok Can you please provide the steps how can I compile my app via Cordova to IOS and Android, if it is not difficult for you ?
  11. @bruno_ thank you, I will try, @Danielpok will try with Cordova thank you
  12. @Danielpok But as I know Cocoon is built on the Cordova, and the flow of converting the app into android or ios is very easy. Is the flow as easy for cordova too ?
  13. Hi guys I am new in Phaser and I want to understand what is the best way for converting my game to android and ios app. Use cocoon js or cross walk or something else? what would you suggest and can you bring some arguments for that. Thank you in advance !
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