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  1. Hi, Wingnut! So nice of you! Your PG inspired me. You use animation to your box in PG. So i think it will be possible to use animation in my camera. I find a topic about ArcRotateCamera animation, it's very useful. As to the problem of smallest angle to rotate, we can determine whether the rotation angle larger that PI(L105-125). Then i use the function in ExecuteCodeAction and it works. Here is my new Playground. may be it will help somebody. And I think that camera.lockedTarget act incorrectly. It acts like camera.setTarget but not "locked to" mesh.
  2. Thank u very much, Wingnut! The space demo is brilliant. The above two demos both use mesh.rotation.x/y/z property. But I wanna rotate the camera instead of rotation of meshes because my scene is so big which contains a lot of different meshes(or if i change another scene by import, i will rewrite some code). Otherwise i will rotate so many meshes all together(so much matrix calculation will cost a lot of time(in 3D especially)). It seems that mesh.rotation ranges from 0 to 2PI or -Pi to Pi, but camera.alpha ranges from positive infinite to negative infinite? I am totally agree that
  3. Hi Sebavan! I make a experiment to make sure that it is not the problem with the parenthesis. I use a ExecuteCodeAction before InterpolateValueAction.(add codes from L105-133) Here is the new PG and the camera also rotate incorrectly. And I think that there is nothing wrong with the parenthesis and there is no need to use a callback. Because when u click the button, it will calculate a new 'alpha'.
  4. Thank you, Wingnut! your experiments can solve the problem partly, but sometimes the camera also rotate abnormal(when cam_initial_alpha larger than 2Pi), it rotates an angle larger than Pi to go back to the original position. And i think it will be better to put the code that calculates cam_initial_alpha into the leftpicktrigger action. (code in BeforeRender will effect the performance) BTW: I don't know why the codes don't work. "sphere.actionManager.registerAction(new BABYLON.InterpolateValueAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnLeftPickTrigger, camera, "alpha", (Math.PI+camera.
  5. I find camera.alpha goes larger when i rotate the scene clockwise. If camera.alpha=0 or 2*Pi or ...2n*Pi, the scene will look the same. So i consider to calculate the (2n*Pi) so that the camera will not rotate too much circles. Here is the formula: camera.alpha-(camera.alpha)%(2*Math.PI); I change the code (line 105) as below: sphere.actionManager.registerAction(new BABYLON.InterpolateValueAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnLeftPickTrigger, camera, "alpha", (Math.PI+camera.alpha-(camera.alpha)%(2*Math.PI)), 500, condition2)); but the
  6. Hi guys! I find a problem that i can't make the arcrotateccamera rotate to the nearest 'destination'. here is the PlayGround. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#RVZ1O#2 Rotate several circles around the center, then click the purple button. You will find meshes rotate back quickly to the original position before rotation. I want the purple button rotate to the position which camera.alpha=0 or PI but not rotate to the original position(for instance, the button just rotate a angle about -PI/2).
  7. Hi, Sebavan! I find the bug only in my playground in latest version(4.0). And it's OK in stable version. Here is my PG.
  8. hi guys! I find some bugs in new Inspector. When i click "show gizmo" button, the node will disappear. then click button in DEBUG tag for example:"Display axes", after that i can't rotate the camera. shotscreen:
  9. Oh, I find it was my mistake that my project have 2 html file and i just reference babylonjs.laoders.js once. So the problem is solved. Sorry for wasting for time and Thanks for all above.
  10. thank you for your answer! i just use Max2babylon plugin to export the .gltf file as usual. And i test to load the .gltf file in a plain html file and it works. I don't think anything about producer tag is wrong.
  11. Thank you for your reply. sorry for my misunderstanding. i used the source: "https://preview.babylonjs.com/loaders/babylonjs.loaders.js" in my project for test for sure. And also sorry for not sharing my code because the project is so big and i have tried my best to make sure that there is no error in other part of my project(as mentioned above: i can load .babylon file correctly). Please forgive me for my poor english.
  12. Yes, i search the whole file, but i can't find anything about "importScene´╗┐ of undefined" or "loadAssts´╗┐ of unknown".
  13. Hello, recently i met a problem and it really troubles me. I use BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append() to load the .glb file(export from Max2babylon plugin) and it failed. The browser said: "Unable to load from ../BIM/incremental/helin.glb: importScene of undefined from undefined version: undefined, exporter version: undefinedimportScene has failed JSON parse". then i load the .gltf file, The browser said: "Unable to load from ../BIM/incremental/helin.gltf: loadAssts of unknown". It's really wired, huh? After that i use the same project load .babylon file(also export from Max2babylon plugin) cor
  14. Hi, i have already post the screenshot of the function "createGUI", after that i just call the function once to create the GUI. Sorry for not posting the code cauz the code has not been finished yet. I think it's a bug.
  15. Yes, u're right. but "addControl" is also undefined.
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