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  1. I have a solid particle system of particles arranged in a spherical formation with a universal camera at the center. I should be able to pan or tilt the camera 360 degrees in any direction and still see the particles meant to represent a starfield. But what I find is that when panning or tilting, after a certain amount the particles suddenly disappear and do not reappear until I pan or tilt back again. I don't understand why that would happen, and it doesn't seem to happen with the ArcRotateCamera. Would anyone have an idea what is going on with this? http://www.babylo
  2. My question has to do with how to generate a vector from a point to the nearest point on a plane. If I have a mesh moving inside a box, I want to know the distance and direction from the mesh position to each side of the box. I understand that would be a vector perpendicular to the plane that intersects the point. Does Babylon have a method that will do that for me? TIA
  3. A newbie with CannonJS, I want to have spheres collide with elasticity such that there is no loss of kinetic energy. All the spheres have the same physicsMaterial and the ContactMaterial has friction = 0.0 and restitution = 1.0. I was hoping that would give me 100% elastic collisions yet I see that the spheres lose significant energy with every collision. Is there something else I could or should be doing? TIA // Create a slippery material (friction coefficient = 0.0) // and very bouncy (restitution coefficient = 1.0) var physicsMaterial = new CANNON
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