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  1. Actually, yes! Here is a web demo of the game: http://minako.studioventdest.ca/
  2. One way would be to split the ring into two separate sprites - front and back. An easy way to keep the z-order is to create one group for the "back" part of the ring, then create the player and finally create a group for the "front" part of the rings. As long as you create rings in pairs of sprites (back and front), in their correct groups, the z-order will remain.
  3. Hi All! I just wanted to introduce a game we created called Minako Vs Zombies. This is a platformer with a story line and a grand finale. If people like it, we plan to make a continuation game and progress the storyline even further. As a side note, I am an old school C++ developer and was quite resistant to HTML games... but when I was introduced to Phaser I felt like I was home! What an amazing framework this is. So much can be done in just a few lines of code. Here is the link to the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studioventdest.minak
  4. If anybody still is interested in this topic, there is tool that generates physics data as a JSON file... It's called Easy Polygon Marker. It can be found here: http://dunceware.com/Products/EasyPolygonMarker.aspx see the quick start guide here: http://dunceware.com/Products/EasyPolygonMarker/QuickStart-EasyPolygonMarker.pdf
  5. Hi There, I decided to try and work with P2 physics and could not find a free tool to generate the JSON file for sprite shapes. So... I created one http://dunceware.com/Products/EasyPolygonMarker.aspx See Quick Start Guide here: http://dunceware.com/Products/EasyPolygonMarker/QuickStart-EasyPolygonMarker.pdf Please let me know what you think and if anything doesn't seem to work. Thanks, Morris
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