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  1. Can you tell me where's the problem. It's still showing black box with green layer.
  2. var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.CANVAS); var PhaserGame = function () { this.sprite1; this.sprite2; this.pad; this.stick1; var dropZone; var dragPosition; var bullet; var addGroup; var createBoat; var button; var buttons; var actionOnClick; var items; }; PhaserGame.prototype = { init: function () { this.game.renderer.renderSession.roundPixels = true; this.physics.startSystem(Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; this.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true;
  3. Yes that black box with green lines is showing. Okay you guys were helpful. I'll try to load them properly now.
  4. Basically I want to attach multiple sprites together through drag and drop. When they are attached I need to give them a name. That's why I need this lebeling option @dude78
  5. tanmoy749

    lebeling sprites

    How can I lebel my sprites with a text when I click on them? I have some different sprites that I need to give different names through clicking on them. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks guys. Assets are showing now. But I can only see the existence of the sprite. Proper view of the image is still not visible. Maybe i'm missing something very silly. I am using xampp for now.
  7. Can you please elaborate @Mobler ?
  8. Need to make a drawing tool where sprites would be pipes of different shapes and they need to be controlled through drag and drop and virtual joystick.
  9. How to load images or assets from local address instead of phaser assets through web? Whenever I try to load assets from my local drive it doesn't show the contents.I want to load my assets offline. Thanks in advance.
  10. I want to attach one sprite to another sprite through controlling via virtual joystick in phaser 2. I have some sprites like pipe in my game and I want to attach them to some particular position. How could I do that? I have created sprites and vjoy is only controlling one sprite. But I want all sprites to be controlled by vjoy and connect the pipes altogether. Been searching for this for a long time. Also i'm a noob. Any help would be really helpful. Thanks in advance. Love from Bangladesh.
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