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  1. Sorry, I forgot to mention that the project is made with 'Construct 3', so I'd appreciate if anyone from that area could say something.
  2. Hi everyone, My game just got rejected on Instant review due to the following reason: " On iPhone and iPad, games should mute any sound effects or background music when silent mode is enabled. " Ok, but how do I detect if the silent mode is enabled? Research didn't help much, except finding this on one forum: " I've had a response from Apple on this. They've said they don't and never have provided a method for detecting hardware mute switch and don't intend to do so." Also, there are some workarounds, but none of them is for HTML5. Facebook recommends using the WebAudio API for that, but no further info. Did anyone face the same issue? Btw, as I just learned, the purpose of physical silent switch on iOS devices is not to mute user initiated sounds (like games, for instance. You have volume control buttons for that), but to prevent sudden sounds (ie, alerts, phone ringing). So, how do you make your game listen to iOS silent switch and make it muted/unmuted?
  3. Hi, I can place your logo and links in my HTML5 jigsaw games for a ridiculously low price (ask me) and deliver you the game for you to host on your server. Take a look here (last two games are not in the offer, but new titles are added): https://puzzleguys.com/category/jigsaw/
  4. Hi everyone, I develop mostly sports games in Construct 2/3. Here's one, called 'Basket Monsterz'. Description: The monstrous basketball tournament is about to begin! 32 monsters from around the world have gathered to decide who's the best in this one-on-one game. Original gameplay where opponents shoot simultaneously until one team wins. No jumpscares, only jump shots are allowed! Collect stars to unlock new teams. Play it here: http://www.flashfooty.com/m/games/basket-monsters-flashfooty/