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  1. I using cordova or using PWA instead Panda2 Editor can't build the apk and ipa file now, I was wondering if @enpu could fix them for panda2 game developer.......
  2. Notes that: PhoneGap build is dead. As of Oct 1, 2020, Adobe has discontinued PhoneGap Build and ended investment in PhoneGap and Apache Cordova. if you want to remote preview your Phaser 3 game on your mobile device, please change to another WebView Testing Tool (eg: WebView Tester).
  3. YES I have tried many game html5 engines, Panda 2 is my favorite game engine.although it hasn't been updated for a long time,the framework is enough to develop a complete game. The cons of panda2 engine is very little communication and not famous.the reason that I think the engine is not free, it is commercial software that now costs $199 for lifetime access(Why users do not prefer to buy GMS2 for HTML5 Export for $149 rather than Panda2 ?)there are many game engine is free and it can develop a high-quality game and large communication and export to multiple platforms.(such as Godot)so I prefer @enpu to make the engine free and create a Patreon platform.The Engine couldn’t get enough funding and sponsor and user. Therefore, @enpu lose motivation to update it or abandoned the project.but anyone knows you can using panda2 framework for free (in case of without Panda2 Editor)You can download the engine from github plugin you can find in google for free downloadP2js plugin games with a virtual joystick
  4. You can try Panda2 mix three.js plugin, but it is not free, you can get a discount on their twitter page
  5. I highly recommend you try Construct 3 about other game engine Free: Phaser 2 or 3, it is free, more tutorial, but it is little bit confuse, different tutorial teacher have different code style I think Phaser is only suitable for html5 2D Game and user will spend a lot of time to learn 3rd party tools to export to other platfom (e.g. for Level Map - Tiled for code obfuscation- webpack, for Mobile Export - phonegap, cordova for physics- Matter.js,Texture Packer ,etc for multiplayer - Socket , Nodejs etc.......) phaser is easy to learn. but 3rd party tools/ programming is hard. the mobile device performance/fps is slow when your game is complex. Not Free: Construct 2 or 3 are pretty good. much faster in c3 develop and export to mobile is very easy, easy to add Admob and in-app-purchase plugin to your game, it is not free, but you can save more time Panda2 - I think is my favorite HTML5 game engine, code is clean ,consistency ,easy to learn and export to web and mobile very easy. But it hasn't been updated for a long time, grownth very very slow slow slow slow slow slow slow slow slow, I think the creator enpu will give up Panda engine So my choice is Construct 3
  6. Because Phaser can't be too dependent on others, it will have to learn to stand on their own feet. so Phaser 3 is rendering by own.
  7. Yeah, Panda hasn't been updated almost 1 years guess enpu will never update least, Notify in official website 'News' and 'BUY NOW' page that the editor is closed off and stop support as a temporary. I decided to use Construct 3.... Phaser 3 is not my choose because I worry phaser 3 code is not work on phaser 4....phaser 5 at the future
  8. BillyKane

    I'm back

    @enpu Are you work on Panda 3 development????
  9. At least, Notify in official website 'News' and 'BUY NOW' page that the editor is closed off and stop support as a temporary. @enpu is a versatile.he can act, sing, coding, music making, video director and video editing..... I guess his life is colorful and busy. Hope @enpu still working on Panda 2.
  10. Not Free: Construct 2 or 3 are pretty good. much faster in c3 develop and it feels less work.(most of the time), It's so easy to export android games with c3 and add admob. Free: Phaser 2 or 3, you will spend lot of time learning coding