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  1. NOT DEAD YET! Tilemaps seem to be the most requested topic to cover but part of me wants to branch it off into a Tiled series.
  2. Part of the problem is that you're exporting compressed json. Try exporting without compression.
  3. ^ What samme said. let random = Phaser.Math.Between(range, maxRange); //put numbers here. chests[i] = this.add.sprite(this.chests_positions[i].x, this.chests_positions[i].y).setOrigin(0, 0).play('_chestwaiting', ignoreifPlayingBool, random)
  4. Some use DOM frameworks such as react, vue, etc. Some use native phaser scenes and buttons, etc. What do you use?
  5. There are some that say Haxe is what javascript should have been, a swiftly typed speedy scripting language. Typescript for me has been a life saver as javascript has too many surprises that even if I try to study them and understand them all, I'm still prone to human errors of forgetfulness and clumsiness. Overtly it's honestly just JSLint++ since all javascript code is valid typescript code and the super-set is non-intrusive. The creator of node, vuejs, vscode, google, etc, advocate it's one of the best ways to manage large scaling javascript projects. If you're on vscode, you can add //@ts-check , and typescript will check your javascript and bug you about potential errors. If you find it saves you from lots of headaches, make the jump to typescript.
  6. @khleug35there's a chrome web server plugin you can use :
  7. line 36, typo his.backgroundLayer ="World", tileset); //should be "this" there are lots of phaser tiled examples here: objects/tilemap/&q=
  8. it's really hard to say. Looking up games made from phaser 2 vs phaser 3, it'll be able to tackle what most want to throw in a web based game. But phaser 3 is more preformant, completely re-written from scratch and huge emphasis on modularity. If you're not satisfied with either, you could build your own with PIXIJS as a backend renderer. Phaser2 uses pixijs v2 iirc but pixi is at v4-5 now.
  9. jest

    My menu doesnt work

    scene: { preload: preload, create: create, update: update, scene: [Scene1] }, it seems that the preload, create, and update, will run first before Scene1's preload, create, and update. If you want to change the order, you create a game scene class, just like you did with scene1(recommended approach) or you can put all your gameplay code in Scene1 and all the menu code in preload, create, and update. it seems you dont even have a game scene. (thanks for linking my tutorial, hopefully it helps)
  10. You should create a custom class for your dragon and entities. I'll have a video on that next week in a few